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Premiere: Main State - My Mirrored Self (Lyric Video)

Thursday, December 27, 2018




Main State is a Metalcore band from Des Moines, IA. This band was built for the forgotten scene that enjoyed one of the best era's of music, Myspace Metalcore. I feel like someone showed me this band on myspace 13 years ago. That's exactly how I like my music, and I am glad Main State gave me one last nostalgic punch on the behalf of 2018. Their song My Mirrored Self is enjoyable from front to back. This band makes for some really cool breakdowns, but for some the clean choruses may throw you off a bit. However, I happen to enjoy the vocals throughout this track, The vocalist is extremely talented in multiple ranges. The guy has pipes! The drums stand out the most which is cool, super clean and heavy. The drummer takes full control, making you get up off of your ass throughout the entire track. The guitars are super crunchy and at times a bit djent-y which is how this band does an amazing job connecting their nostalgic roots to the modern music world. 

Everything I point out can be referenced to the glory days of metalcore and post hardcore. They mix a few different styles together in this single but these sounds don't fight against each other and that is what makes this truly unique. This track is definitely for people who were jamming a lot of Woe, Is Me, The Paramedic, At the Skylines, or even older We Came as Romans - Things of that nature, as this takes the best elements of those and presents you with something updated yet familiar. We had a chat with the band about this release and the future of the band: 

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Can you tell our readers more about the band?

Hello, we are main state. A five piece Metalcore band based out of Des Moines Iowa.


Tell us more about My Mirrored Self and what the track stands for?

I’d say the meaning of the song would be reflecting and progressing with who I am as a person and letting things go but also learning to grow. (Vinnie vocals)


Is there an EP or Album to be expected in 2019?

We are currently writing. We’ve had a ton of life stuff come up (in each of our lives) so we are just taking it day by day.


Any exciting shows planned?

Our comeback show is January 12th with our good friends in these fading visions, (Wisconsin) downhearted (Omaha)and too far off (Iowa). After that we are just seeing what comes our way or what doors open for us


What are some goals for Main State in 2019?

Well first off we’ve been on a hiatus for about a year. We are all super busy in our own way, waether it’s work or personal stuff. We’d like to right a new ep and possibly tour, but we don’t really see the tour part happening. But that’s life. So right now we will just finish writing and play some shows! What bands are some of the biggest influences behind Main State? Fit for a king. Ryan did a guest spot on our last ep. like moths to flames, currents. Bouncy, grooving, stuff to sing along and bang your head to.


Lastly, We always give the artist the last word, feel free to tell the readers everything you want them to know!

Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams


Check out their song My Mirrored Self
Lyric Video by Scott Rudd 
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