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The Newfangled Growth of Progressive Metal (LATE. Artist Spotlight)

Friday, August 3, 2018


Introducing an innovative band within the realms of Progressive metal, Sludge, and Atmospheric music: Late.

Founded in 2016, Late. a three piece instrumental collective from the south suburbs of Chicago consisting of Nicholas Coughenour and Matt Baron on guitars, and Joel Martinez on drums. With a creative core, they are not afraid to push themselves into new avenues of musical opportunities. All three currently work within other projects, and endeavors, while balancing a secure ambition for Late.. Their influences lie on a spectrum of styles including:  Baroness, This Will Destroy You, Pianos Become The Teeth, Oathbreaker, Toothgrinder, Moon Tooth, Sleep, Kylesa, Electric Wizard, Rosetta, Bossk, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, MONO, The Fall Of Troy, Sianvar, Deafheaven, Hail The Sun, The Mars Volta, At The Drive-In, and The Contortionist. With an open-ended style to their writing and live performance, the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of modern sludge is mandatory for fans of any genre.


Their debut release "City of Storm" is a three track thrill where each song explores a new melodic, creative strength that Late. has to offer. Since this release, the band has taken on the ultimate tasks of short tours, many one time shows throughout the greater Chicago land area, and has cemented their presence within the ever growing music scene within Chicago. Late's last release was a live recording from Reggie's Rock Club on 8/26/17.

This live album was a huge stepping stone for the band as they tread through to find their identity. On this album you will hear a new single "Waxing Nonsensical" which is also the title of the album. Among the beautifully crafted live atmosphere, this album encases the artistic drive from each member. You can hear the growth of every musician and the maturation of the band's musical expectations. A live album is always an ambitious take for a band and Late didn't hold anything back on this release. Your ears are brought to the front of the stage, where every detail is showcased, and where you can overhear the pivotal emotions within the music. 


The band has agreed to present themselves in this article and this is the backstory of each member:


Nicholas Coughenour: I play guitar and some occasional vocals. About to hit the decade Mark on playing music and I have been pursuing this dream in my hometown of Joliet, IL for that entire time. previously of Cimmerian, Abscissor and The Place You Exist. My time spent with each band signifies the 3 pillars of my foundation as a musician. Cimmerian signifies the raw energy and presence I created for myself onstage and that in turn helped me gain alot of personal confidence and creative perspective on how music translates differently in a live setting. Abscissor saw me developing a more true and honest creative direction for myself with discovering more styles of music that have made a big impact on me like Math Rock, Post Rock, Prog/Avant-garde, etc. TPYE found both those elements merging with a more geniune drive and intuition on how I wanted to pursue music as a lifestyle and hopefully a career. current music we are using for inspiration as of right now is alot of the classics for me but also slightly newer obsessions for the rest of the guys. Stuff like Between The Buried and Me, Opeth, Yautja and TDEP are in constant rotation with more experimental trail blazers like SYSC!, Daughters and Full of Hell finding themselves being more a part of how we want to approach the heavier dynamic of the band. You can purchase our music on bandcamp at and you can also stream on your favorite music apps like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. All I want from the music we make is put on the kind of performances that left me breathless as a younger kid, when my dad started to take me to and eventually let me go to by myself to tons of heavy shows. To put on the kind of furious display of power that I feel when I play this music or think of the times in which I wrote it. I want the layer of filth that life lays over you to just melt off when you hear us. We look forward to reinventing ourselves with our first full length and touring more and more. We want to bring our fury to any place that will have us.


Joel Martinez: I play drums for Late. In August it will be my 10th year of playing. I’ve been in groups such as Altus, Our Likely Escape, The Percy Morgan Band, and Crystal Killers. Altus plays a big roll for me because it was my first “real” band I was in. We an alternative rock group and but we all listened to different styles of music and made it, it’s own thing. When I was playing in that band and gigging around, I knew this was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I learned how the recording process works. Scheduling practices, practicing on my own, learning how to manage band fund. So it taught me a lot and I’m grateful to have worked with that group of guys. Our Likely Escape was my first metal band I was in. That group taught me a lot about odd time signatures, learning how to use the right accent note at the right time but still playing in time. Basically the theory behind it. The Percy Morgan Band was a fun one, Matthew Morgan has been such a great friend and partner to work with. We both played in Altus back in the day, so we began hangout more regularly and we both just came up with idea to start up a band again, so we did, and this band taught me how to make every show a fun show no matter where you are at. Then once that run was over, I met Nick through a mutual friend and we started jamming one day and right then and there we started Late. We have a lot planned ahead of us and we are extremely excited to get everything done and ready. We are currently in the process of writing our first full length album. So inspiration that I have going into this album is bands like BTBAM, Opeth, Animals as Leaders, mixing a little Dance Gavin Dance in there. I’m learning so much and it’s helping me become such a better drummer.


Matt Baron: I play guitar in Late. I started playing guitar at about 11 years old, and always dreamed of playing live music ever since I picked up the instrument. When I turned 13 I was in my first band called Jordan, an alternative rock band and had just started learning how to play live and in a band setting overall. After disbanding, the drummer and I went to form another project called Against Us!, which was a mix of grunge and alternative rock. These two bands really influenced me to become a better composer, songwriter and performer since I was just beginning to dip my feet in the water of the world of music and was eager to learn so much more. After a year or so of being together, I stopped playing in bands for about 7 years and just practiced in my room at home in the meantime, learning any song or style that I could and to be as proficient as I could be. One day I decided to go to an open mic in town at the Drunken Donut, and played a few songs. Afterwards I was approached by Joel and he asked me to be in his band with Nick; after meeting up to play Laid to Rest by Lamb of God with Joel the first time jamming together, it was solidified that we would become a unit of power and perseverance. They quickly became my best friends and I’ve never felt more comfortable making music with anyone else. After joining, these guys really opened up my mind and expanded my knowledge of music and its community and it greatly impacted the influences on my writing in the best way. Some of these bands I was introduced to and that also are of influence in my own writing on our newest material include Opeth, The Contortionist, Night Verses, and Animals As Leaders. With our upcoming first full length release, we plan on unleashing all of our pent up energy and eagerness to be the best that we can be into our music; we want our audience to really feel all of our emotions and message in our playing and to dissect it in their own personal way. We plan on continuing to evolve as a unit, to become stronger than ever and have as much fun as we can throughout our ride.


A band whose sound and devotion cannot be simplified. Late is a musical endeavor that holds no bounds. Most important, they are a congregation of pure friends that hold so much passion together. If there is a band that will grow and shape the confines of modern music, it's Late.
Please support the band and everything they do. You can find their makings on these links and I hope you have found a new band to add to your playlist. 


















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