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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


 Introducing the new sensation of modern Metalcore: Severed Ties.

Birthed in the Chicago land suburbs, Severed Ties is claiming their throne with the brand new single "Lowlife"

This release follows their last EP "Dis/Connect"
Severed Ties is best known for the intricate blend of deathcore, beatdown, and metalcore. They are not afraid to touch on their roots, initial influences, and homages to the greats. Across their debut EP release in 2017, you can easily pass through the track list with a lot of tension, emotion, and pain. All of the music Severed Ties has released really showcases the intact aggression for heartbreak and will leave you thirsting for more.


Severed Ties - Lowlife



Low Life is a song that stuck into my mental confines with such an overwhelming sense of sheer intensity.
Emotionally, you will not find another modern metalcore band to capture this kind of pain in their music.
Harmonically, you will not discover anything quite this much impact within the production.

Lyrically, you will be haunted by the agony and aggression behind their music.


Severed Ties - Lowlife
(Worldwide Underground Premiere)


Severed Ties consists of four men from the south Chicago suburbs. 
Kyle Lindstrom - Vocals

Mikey Albrecht - Guitar

Tim Schloegel - Bass

Matt Piarowski - Drums


It's amazing to see such a young group of musicians and best friends making music together. This is a band to watch for years to come. As their music grows, you can hear the improvement in production, emotional drive, and pure musicianship. Severed Ties is a musical collective that will shape the ever growing senses of metal culture, depressive music, and honest songwriting. 


Please support the band and everything they do by following them on all social media accounts.









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