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Pure Wrath announces new album “Sempiternal Wisdom”

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Pure Wrath is a one manned black metal endeavor from West Java, Indonesia. The composer, Januaryo Hardy just recently announced the sophomore release with album artwork on August 30th. 
With the highly appreciated and phenomenal debut album "Ascetic Eventide" still in heavy rotation, Pure Wrath has claimed the thrones of Atmospheric Black Metal within a short years time. 

 Pure Wrath - Ascetic Eventide (Full Album 2017)


Only shortly after the release of Ascetic Eventide, Pure Wrath followed up this magnificent and captivating album with a split release, accompanied by Onirism.

Pure Wrath has only seemed to get such a warm and loving response since the official releases. This is a band that will stand the tests of time in black metal around the world, while further illustrating that this genre holds no boundaries to locations, cultures, or influences. 



Onirism & Pure Wrath - Endless Journey (Full Split 2017)


With such an already extensive and impressive portfolio of releases, it is truly exciting to hear the announcement of the new album
“Sempiternal Wisdom”



 “Sempiternal Wisdom” is set to be released in the end of this year worldwide through Pest Productions and will be followed by HITAM KELAM Records for the Indonesia version. Majestic cover artwork done by my best friend Aghy R Purakusuma who also did the cover artwork for “Ascetic Eventide”.


Track-listing :

Warrior's Path
Grief of Our Fathers
Lautan Darah
Elegy to Solitude
Farewell (Saor cover)*

This album is dedicated to our forefathers who worked hard, fought, and died for the sake of our Homeland. Saor's "Farewell" re-arranged with huge respect and will only available in physical releases.




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