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On The Rise: GutterLIFE

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


GutterLIFE is on top of their game! This new album isn't anything less than a masterpiece. Very highly anticipated, and I am here to tell you it was worth every second. These boys have been working on their new album for well over a year now. Truly putting all of their blood, sweat, and tears into this album. I have always enjoyed this band since the first day I heard "LIKE CATTLE" on some fuckboy's label (They are no longer apart of)....ANYWAY, From day one they always blended so many influences so perfectly. They have a little bit of everything-punk, hardcore, metal, hard rock and with this album... Add about 50 more genres as influences. Andrew (guitarist) being more involved in the writing process had a lot to with it. GutterLife Feels like a new band, Musically Evolved. The "3rd Album" can easily be the make or break album, over hyped and not even come close to past albums. Not the case here. They took their past music picked it up, dusted it off and gave it a fresh paint job. I don't think you can kill what I love about this band. They have already gained a decent following by speaking truth with words and relating to so many people on so many issues. These new tracks will bring them to exactly where they want to be and beyond. Get used to seeing their name, They will be in or near your state very soon! 



What's different about this album? EVERYTHING
What's the same compared to last releases? EVERYTHING




You'll stand there confused until you hear the album. So many new elements in their music, but they hold their original recipe so tight. First half of a track can having you questioning who you are even listening to, then 1 riff or vocal melody will bring you back 2 albums and you're just struck by that GL lovebug all over again. The entire album has me itching for more just like the first 2. I can not put to words how perfect of an album this is for them. You feel all the passion, The lessons learned, while still having fun and keeping your head up. If you are a Fan of the first 2 Gutterlife Albums, you will not be disappointed. Never heard of them? It's cool i just showed you, your new favorite band. These dudes are true masters of their trade and they have way more to offer than most bands out there today. They will remain opening eyes and minds with their music while exploring every option of their creativity! 

Standout tracks from the new album?
Whats  the  Matter

Facebook / Youtube Music

Follow their Youtube for GUTTERLIFE TV, pretty cool look behind the scenes of the band!
No Release Date yet but They have a bunch of music videos shot and ready to go, a new tour van , and a track on our new punk compilation (PLUGGED) 
Make sure to follow them and keep yourself updated! 




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