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Shadow of Intent: ON THE RISE! (U.S. Deathcore)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hello WWU and loyal readers, my name is Kenzer Avis and you're about to spend the next handful of minutes finding out who is "on the rise" in the underground metal scene.

If you're like me then you like.. No, LOVE Deathcore, and have undoubtedly seen the phrase "Deathcore is dead" thrown around pretty casually. 2017 has made a strong case to disprove that statement with powerhouse bands such as Oceano, The Acacia Strain, Fit For an Autopsy, and Aversion's Crown announcing or releasing new music within the year, However a stand out band has recently announced an album due out at the end of this month.


Shadow of Intent, a Technical/Melodic Deathcore band based out of Connecticut dropped a massive single on us yesterday titled "The Horror Within" and it has me, along with the rest of the Deathcore scene, fully erect for the upcoming release. The single is a perfect blend of technical, melodic and in some parts atmospheric and puts any individual song from the band's 2016 debut "Primordial" to utter shame, even throwing in some balls to the wall clean vocals near the end (No TeeHee's here, just straight up metal vocals that Phil Anselmo would shed a tear for)

Along with the new single they dropped the news that their second full length album "Reclaimer" comes out April 28th, AND the former duo of Ben Duerr ( Ex. In Depths and Tides) and Chris Wiseman (Currents) that made up the band during its inception has now expanded into a full line up with the addition of Matt Kohanowski on drums and Fredrico Zuccarelli and Keith Kohlap on Guitar and Bass respectively.

So lets recap. Shadow of Intent is about to top their debut album (which, to clear up any concerns about bias, i thought was a decent album at best. Not groundbreaking or super innovative and not worth the INSANE amount of hype it got) AND they seem to be getting ready to devastate us all from city to city with a full lineup.
If that doesn't constitute some hope for Deathcore then maybe it truly is "Dead"

Video: Shadow Of Intent's new Single The Horror Within

I will provide a link to the band's official Facebook page, where you can pre-order for the new album "Reclaimer".Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed writing it. I'm no author by any means but i am passionate about extreme metal and the underground, so ill probably be back.
Till then stay metal!

Shadow of Intent's official Facebook:

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