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Nurez - Hiraeth (Album Review & Artist Spotlight)

Saturday, August 18, 2018

 Introducing the standalone and incredibly innovative album release, Hiraeth, by Nurez. 
Nurez is a one man black metal band from Kottmar, Germany. With only one simple and genuine message, the artist Mortiz Paul asserts.
"My goal is to mix the very contrasting elements of progressive and atmospheric music with the power of black metal, to create something new and very unique."




Nurez steps forward with the debut release of Hiraeth on April 12th, 2018.
The album is a true composition and stands as a testament to all progressive music.


Hiraeth opens with a suspenseful and dark foreboding. You are gifted the most ambient and stress inducing synths while you surrender into the depths of Nurez.
"Hiraeth" (the title track) is a beautiful and valuable introduction to the majesty of which you are about to experience. 


The follow up to the intro song is one of my favorites. "Departure" drags you deeper into the story of a farewell. Throughout this song the artist further demonstrates his purest capabilities for pushing the boundaries of progressive metal. One thing i took from this song was the absolute power behind the vocals. It is truly a stepping stone to the furthest reaches of emotion. 

Leading into the next track "Herbst (Part I): The Longing" you are confronted with another true and inventive aspect to black metal.
Nurez touches on all traditional roads and influences to illustrate his vision for the future of black metal. This song proves the harmonious worth of the album. There is an abundance of progressive and folk influences across the album, but the flute's melody will leave you trembling. 


On the next song "Herbst (Part II): Dreams of Nature" I was in awe by the pure bliss. This song is birthed with a beautiful and wholesome piano ballad. Backed by intention of stressing compositions, I was swallowed whole by the intricacies of Nurez. Branching into the roots of atmospheric black metal, this song stands on high with the rest of the genre. Intrumental breaks throughout an album are always a treat for a listener. It was done perfectly on this release.

"Hiraeth" closes it's curtains with a song that will stand the tests of time.

"Petrichor (Demo Song)" was a track that left a heavy impression on my mental state and motivation. This song will enunciate  the diversity within Nurez and this stands as a staple release for what is to come in the future of this band. 

With such a captivating and original sound you could compare Nurez to only a handful of artists. Bands like Opeth, Enslaved, and Between the Buried and Me would be in the same listening pool for this album. 


RATING: 8/10
It is extremely hard to say anything negative about this album. The production and overall mix of "Hiraeth" was passionate. It only falls short with the complete sonic pulse, in the mix. With this being a strong debut, I am personally excited for any future releases from Mortiz Paul of Nurez. 




Please support the band and WWU to engage yourself in the growing love for the underground. 

Thank you, Elijah Cirricione.




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