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A Hidden Delicacy: Blurrybynature (Artist Spotlight)

Monday, July 23, 2018

Within the vast and lengthy realms of atmospheric music, we are confronted with the newest chimes from Blurrybynature.
The new single entitled "Care" is the second single from Blurrybynature's debut album 'The Truth As I See It"
Though there is only four official releases from this artist, it is tremendously important to give this music a full appraisal. 



From the very start of "Care" you are met immediately with a somber and calming guitar melody. Almost stemming from a very European melodious standpoint, this song will test your ears to many new sounds within the bands very original landscapes. The gut-wrenching vocals keep you at the edge of your emotions while you fall further and further into the distressing lyrics. This artist is clearly not apprehensive about releasing such pure and honest music. With this in mind, I am already feeling a true connection to this music. "Care" will bring you to a new world and vision that only most Depressive Black Metal bands touch upon. This release will shove any listener into a personal corner of grief and will keep you there until the music is over. The production on this release has such a spirited gift while accompanying a very dark, harmonious, and wholesome song. Blurrybynature is an artist that I can see moving music and metal into new boundaries with each release. 

I highly recommend Blurrybynature to any music listener in the metal, hardcore, progressive, and atmospheric world. You will truly be inspired and impressed by all of the beautiful works within the discography. Please take the time to absorb "Care" and the rest of the releases from Blurrybynature. 



Wired, and off my head Every fibre of my being is stretched So thin She says, "You're begging for a heart attack" And I don't even care No, I don't care I don't even... Fuck. Wired, and off my head I can feel the strain on my heart starting to tell Fucked up beyond recognition This isn't who I thought I'd be I'm falling apart at the seams But I thrive on the pain It's become so familiar It's ink on the page Again, and again She said "I care too much" I said, "I can't see the point in anything now" Unconditional love called my bluff Hypocrite...



CREDITS: Released July 7, 2018

Music, lyrics and artwork by blurrybynature

Produced, mixed and mastered by blurrybynature.





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