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WWU Chats W/ Josh & Cam of Begat The Nephilim

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Begat The Nephilim is one of New England’s finest death metal acts to offer. Although no music has been released, Begat’s been tearing up the metal scene and have shared the stage with acts such as Cannibal Corpse and The Black Dahlia Murder. We had the opportunity to get a few words with drummer Josh Richardson and guitarist Cam Dupere!


Devin: As far as I know, you guys are in the process of releasing your debut album. How’s that going so far?

Cam: So far so good. The quality is there but it’s been arduous. Like, It’s taken a while.

D: What have been some of the issues?

Josh: Scheduling is definitely the big one. This is what, like the third time we’ve recorded it?

Cam: Yea we hit a bunch of snags where we just; “Uh record this again”, or start from scratch, you name it.

Josh: We really fucking dethklok-ed the shit out of this record.


D: What was the deciding factor to make your first release a full length?

Cam: Well pretty much we had an ep recorded, and the quality was not good. It was not fun to listen to. We were gonna put that out and then we shopped that around a little bit and they were just like, “Yo, you need more material.” The album was already written and the four songs on the ep are part of the album. So instead of releasing it again, might as well release the whole thing you know?

Josh: But then that meant re-recording those 4 songs... again.

Cam: Yea and then the other 6. It’s 10 songs at about 50 minutes.


D: Despite not having any material released, Begat is still one of the “better known” locals in New England. Why do you think that is?

Josh: Basically we play as much as we can. We don’t try to be annoying but try to make it hard to forget us. It has also kinda helped us that we haven’t released anything because the only way to hear it is to come see it. So in a way that’s helped us but that was never the intention.


D: How far are you in the process of the album?

Cam: Oh it’s almost done mixing, I’d say like 98%. It’s just like little things here and there. Then we have to get it mastered, and then just shopping and getting it distributed.




D: Awesome! So I got a few more quick questions. This marks the 5th anniversary of Begat The Nephilim, what are some of your favorite memories?

Cam: Summer Slaughter was really sick.

Josh: Every year is but this year we got to play 2 dates of Summer Slaughter. That was cool, feeling like a real person for a couple of days. Also the Enfold Darkness mini-weekend.

Cam: That was really fucking cool!

Josh: That’s just the past couple of months. I’m sure if we really dug we’d get some weird memories. Pretty much anything in North Carolina *laughs*.


D: If you could open for any 3 bands, who would they be?

Cam: Behemoth. Definitely.

Josh: Slipknot! Oh my god if I ever got to play with Slipknot i’d fucking- I don’t know.

Cam: Can we put Slipknot and Korn in the same category?

Josh: Yes!

Cam: Then I don’t know… let’s get stupid with it: Metallica!


D: And finally how would you describe Begat The Nephilim to someone who hasn’t heard of you?

Cam: Bad.

Josh: Terrible People *laughs*. Well like for a fans of type thing?

D: Sure!

Josh: For fans of The Black Dahlia, Behemoth, Cattle Decapitation, and Between The Buried & Me.

Cam: It’s a weird mixture of a bunch of things that already exist in a package that’s not like- “Oh I’ve heard this before”. It’s its own thing, at least that’s the idea.

D: Awesome, well that wraps it up. Thank you guys!






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