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BOREWORM (Artist Spotlight)

Sunday, August 26, 2018

 Introducing you to the hardest hitting death metal band within the darkest fathoms, Boreworm. 

Boreworm is a brute force of untold aggression, pain, and relentless destruction.
Hailing from Michigan, this band will suspend you in the ungraceful constructs of brutal, technical, and progressive death metal. 


























"Formed in 2013 by former THE YELLOW SIGN bassist turned guitarist Michael Bielenda and Inspired by a grand, arching science fiction mythos and the oppressive atmosphere of cosmic horror, BOREWORM paints an aggressive yet hauntingly melodic musical soundscape. The band weaves a concept album storyline through a modern death metal exoskeleton and since it's inception has been growing and expanding on a fanbase of loyal listeners with self produced music releases and videos and, more recently with their inclusion as the only unsigned band to be a part of the seminal metal festival SUMMER SLAUGHTER blazed a path of devastating live performances across the country in 2014. Persevering through strife and member changes the band holds strong to its unique apocalyptic vision and welcomed former THE CONTORTIONIST vocalist and frontman David Hoffman earlier in the year. The band returns for the follow up to "The Black Path EP" with "ENTOMOPHOBIA", showcasing their eclectic style and furious metallic delivery. Boreworm looks to capture the eyes, ears and imaginations of listeners around the world."


 BOREWORM - VILE HUSK (official stream)


"Vile Husk" is a song that has stuck with me over the years and always will. Boreworm deserves every ounce of respect and the musical conditioning truly captivates any passionate music listener. From the blissful progressive elements and the unforgiving technicalities, "ENTOMOPHOBIA" stands the tests of time.

It was very hard to decided on one single track to showcase, but any fan of heavy music will appreciate "Vile Husk"




This band deserves every ounce of appreciation for what has been released. I was able to catch Boreworm live only once, back in 2014 on The Summer Slaughter Tour. I enjoyed their set more than any of the larger acts. Boreworm is a band that won me over with a very indulging live performance, phenomenal releases, and with such a piercing remembrance to their name. 





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