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Blame God: Power and Control (Album Review)

Thursday, August 8, 2019


I’m always excited when I find a band that’s right up my noisy, powerviolence alley. Based in New York,
Blame God’s third release, Power and Control hit Bandcamp August 2nd , and I’m stoked I came across it.
The album as whole has a certain level of clarity with its production but still retains a super raw sound,
which I appreciate. You can hear each feedback-heavy riff and every snare hit without having to wade
through mud. Power and Control blends thrash, grind, hardcore, noise and black metal elements that
combine to make an album that makes you want to hit people, but also feel uneasy, especially during
the more atmospheric parts.

 Bottom line: This album is a banger with atmospheric and noise characteristics that make it stand out
from similar artists. In true grindcore fashion, it hits hard and leaves within a span of eleven minutes, in
case you’re busy.
Standout track: Dogs Are Dead, is the grindiest, punkiest track and the first two riffs are a perfect opener
for the album as whole. It’s a song I wish I wrote and could perform.
Rating: 9/10


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