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Aggressor ID: Pennsylvanian Hardcore Grind (Featured Artist)

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Aggressor ID is one of the best immediate local bands I have seen. With the perfect mix of hardcore and grindcore roots, they leave a lasting impression with only a 43 second song and usually a broken micstand by the end of their set. I remember how easily they captured my attention, especially with Neal, their vocalist, using a vintage looking microphone or a bullhorn with no mic at all. I decided to ask Neal a few questions, to give more insight about this band that's worked so hard for the last 10 years.

K: Who would you say influenced your music?

N: "Influences Fisticuffs, nasum, impending doom, magrudergrind, pig destroyer, Eric weissburg(Brett lol"

K: When did AGGRESSOR ID begin and how did you become the band you are now?

N: "Aggressor Id started in 2008-9 with a completely different lineup. The first incarnation was myself, Jesse Stehman(who now plays in the grip) and my buddy Steve Ewell who’s a family man now hah. After that we added a bass player, Tommy from bitter taste/systemic abuse. Took a break for a bit and reformed with Steve and Jesse with a second guitarist and new bassist. Played 3 shows and recorded a single before calling it a day, Jesse and Steve are 8 years older than myself and the other members, we were also graduating high school at the time so life kinda took over. Fast forward 10 years(woah) Steve asked me to play in a new band with him after I left symptoms, we jammed with Brett and rich for a bit and couldn’t think of a name.. what we’re doing is in the same vein as the original band so I suggested the name after talking it over with the other founding members and those dudes were stoked the band would have a little revival. Now it’s pretty much it’s own thing and rich Brett and Steve are the band"

K: Why do you use that microphone, that mic has an impression that leaves people remembering you, i feel like.

N: "Hah uhhh I’ve had it since I was 16? Maybe 17? So over 10 years now.. there was a local band called Common Enemy and their singer, Sonic, used one and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.. so naturally being young I wanted to mimic that I guess. In the first incarnation of aggressor id I was kinda at a point, a few years older, where I didn’t want to be like sonic anymore and do my own thing.. so I’d put the mic in my mouth and scream lol there’s a recent picture of Aggressor playing where I wasn’t able to use my mic so I didn’t the same thing with the house mic. Now though I feel like it’s been so long since Common Enemy and Sonic were a thing and I do see a lot of other bands using the same mic, so I guess I’m safe to use it again. This time I use a mic stand.. I usually break it towards the end of our set.. I kinda want to buy bulk mic stands lol The mic is a Shure 55SH, it’s been discontinued and actually upgraded to the Shure Super 55. The mic inside of the housing isn’t as good as the Super 55, those use your standard mics that venues all over the world use, mine has a kinda lesser quality one.. for the type of music we play I feel like having a less model mic would give my voice a different sound live"

FFO: Influences Fisticuffs, nasum, impending doom, magrudergrind, pig destroyer, Eric weissburg(Brett lol)


They are currently working on new music and have some cool shows coming up, Catch them live at:
Benefit Show for Willy and Jas
Deep Rest, DREAD, No nothing +more
August 10th @ The Lizard Lounge, Lancaster Pa

NBD FEST day 2 W/ Bad luck 13, Enemy Mind, No Reason To Live +more
October 6th @ Chameleon Club, Lancaster PA

Captured! By Robots
October 11th Chameleon Club, Lancaster PA



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