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HURTPIECE-To The Bone (Review)

Friday, August 2, 2019

 If you've never heard Pittsburgh's HURTPIECE, i recommend you strap on a helmet before you do. You could call them a super-group of heaviness, consisting of former and current members of some of the steel city's hardest (Vow of Hatred, Last Breath of Man, No Good Deed, Steel City Firm, Acolyte, and Circle of Caina). The bands brand new EP, To The Bone, is a little over 11 minutes of brutality. HURTPIECE's unique blend of Blackened Hardcore,Slam, and Death Metal makeup the bands signature Pittsburgh Beatdown Death sound. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. HURTPIECE's music speaks for itself and is has something to offer everyone throughout the heavy music spectrum. So do yourself a favor and check em out! Physical copies as well as exclusive merch will be available through Filled With Hate Records so keep an eye out!





Standout Track:

Dust For Tears (featuring Mason Grant Bryan of Penitentiary)



1. To The Bone (featuring Jason Hominsky of Built Upon Frustration)

2. Choking (featuring Gerardo Pavon of Bodybag)

3. Architects Of Hatred

4. Dust For Tears (featuring Mason Grant Bryan of Penitentiary)




FWH Records

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