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PLAYER HATER (New Jersey Hardcore)

Sunday, July 28, 2019

So for this Featured Artist article, I really wanted to focus on ways to make these a little more personal...Not only for myself, not only for the reader, but for the artist as well. I decided to try out actually speaking to the band or whoever in the band that represents them, as a whole.

I was greeted by Chris, their guitarist, who was pleasant overall to interact with. I expressed my interest in this feature for an interview and stated, "I just wanted more information about when you started... any other projects you guys may be in. Influences. Things of that nature". If it's one thing I'd like to accomplish by the end of the year, it's to providing the exposure to the underground.

K: So tell me a little bit about your band, where you're from?

"Player Hater is a metallic hardcore band based out of Edison NJ. Our name is taken directly from the Player Hater’s Ball segment from Chapelle’s Show. We tend to stay away from the usual tough guy bullshit that this genre is known for and try to focus on having fun. That’s the whole reason why we play music. I guess you can say we’re a party band haha. "

K: When did you guys form?

"We started in 2016 in our drummer, A-DOG’s basement. We kinda just fucked around for the first year or so. Our practices were really just an excuse for us to crack a few cold ones on a Sunday. I’d say we became a full fledged band when we released our demo in 2017 (our practices still mainly focus on cracking cold ones while we become tighter as a musical unit)"

K: Explain a little bit about your influences and how your writing takes place.

"Our influences all over the place. We take things from punk, hardcore, metal, hip hop, doom and death metal. We tend to write our songs like “here’s the death metal part, here’s the punk part and somehow it all flows”. The lyrical patterns are initially written like rap bars. There’s a lot of inner rhymes in each bar. As far as bands go I’d say we were initially inspired by All Out War, Lifeless, Indecision, pretty much the heavier/metallic side of hardcore. "

K: How about your members, are any of them involved with other bands' projects?

"Our current line up is Mario DaKosta, Dhilan Kotian, Jesse Lee, A-DOG and yours truly. Me and Mario are in a bunch of different projects. Mario plays in a gnarly punk band called Dusters, he’s also in Executors and a bunch of others I can’t remember the name of haha. I’m currently in four projects. I’m in a rap-punk band called Sunny Gang, a thrash infused hardcore band called Nervous Wreck and I’m bout to release a solo project that’s reggae and rock fusion. That project is currently being mixed and mastered by the original guitarist of Player Hater, James Smith."

K: Anything else you would like to add for the readers?

"We pride ourselves on taking part in our hardcore community and we wanna give a shout out to all our homies putting on for New Jersey. Big ups to Amboy Hardcore, Hub City Hardcore, Threat 2 Society, Swank who takes care of all the sick shows happening in Asbury Park, there’s too many to name. We love you all. "

So there you have it. I would absolutely recommend Player hater. I haven't stopped listening to their bandamp, on repeat, for the last hour. Definitely showing out for the state of New Jersey. Don't forget to give their page a like if you dig em!




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