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Violated Right: Florida Hardcore Punk (Featured Artist)

Monday, July 22, 2019

Band's Name
Violated Right
Genre & Location
Hardcore/Punk- Florida

I was so pleasantly surprised to hear something that actually spoke to me. I like to click a band page and see what suggested similar music comes up, to find local bands I've never heard of. So I see one that catches my eye. "Violated Right, ok", I thought. I clicked the link to their bandcamp, an EP called "The Heat of Injustice" popped up and I pressed play. It wasn't until "Stand Down" began, that I got the chills. The dispatch behind this anti-gov charged music speaks on so many levels. It's angry, spreads messages of truth, and you can hear the sentiment behind their vocalist's style. I fucking love passionate music that makes you want to fight with a take-no-shit attitude. If you're one for that, like myself, you'll love this band!

"I will not stand Idle and let a government that has failed me to take control of my life any longer! I refuse to stand oppressed from a system who refuses to acknowledge their faults! The regime you have built is fallen! -Stand down, Violated Right.




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