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Nothing From No One: Requiem For Mankind

Friday, July 19, 2019


Nothing From No One is a Metal/Hardcore band from Montpellier, France. They released their newest album "Requiem For Mankind" May 15th of this year, following from their previous heavy hitter EP "The Painful Truth". With every song better than the next, I'm finding myself eager to hear more while shamelessly replaying each song I just heard. There were some dope guest spots featuring:
Louis from Ironed Out -  ("Bloodshed Scenery")
Rolf from Crackdown - ("Sensitive Trigger")
Jack from Kraanium - (Fucked By Life)
Jason from Capital Enemy - ("The Great Deceiver")
and Billy Milano from Stormtroopers of Death & thrash band M.O.D.  - ("Redemption's Way")


This has definitely been one of my top Heavy Hardcore albums of 2019 that I've had the pleasure of hearing come out of Europe. It has a great mix of featured artists that really leave a unique impression as contribution. I see nothing but this band releasing heat in the future!

Bottom Line: After 10 punch you in the face breakdowns and 2 stepping tracks, they leave on a melody of instrumental meditation that ties the album together.
Standout Track: "Redemption's Way" Toughest song on this album, makes me want to stomp with a nice 2 step at the end.
Rating: 10/10
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