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Three Albums for 7 days Truth and Rights, The Take & Thug Riot

Saturday, July 13, 2019



  What's up to all my worldwide underground reader. Upstate Rick is back. So I decided to do a little something different. I picked three albums this week put them on a playlist and played them everyday to completion. at the end of the week which is now I'm going to talk about it and tell you how I feel. This is not necessarily a review although it kind it is. It's just me writing about the music that I love. So the three albums I picked .The Take- The Take Truth and Rights- Lies and Slights Thug Riot - Riot Ready So I chose these three albums for their equality in fierceness and the way they reminded me of the old days. All three of these albums have a specific sound. Although different in their level of heavy, they all possess that hardcore quality. That original, I Don't give a fuck, this is the music we play type shit. Which I love more than anything in the world. The Take, the take.. I consider this band to be an all Star lineup. And what an amazing album. I found myself memorizing parts of songs and singing along only the second time through. The old Oi sound and the gutter riffs, it’s an old school boot-wearing, strap-hanging punk sound that love, Punk lives in the undertones of this brutally well produced hardcore album. Truth and Rights, Lies and Slights. I sing this album every song every time I hear it. Eddie has once again put forth what seems like an effortless attempt at making amazing music. If Eddie’s voice does not catch your ear and make you want to turn it up, then you're not doing it right my opinion. And then The boys from out west. Arizona’s own, Thug Riot, Riot Ready. What a great album. Attitude, angst, punk boy sing along. It's all there. An amazing effort by this newly-formed, hardcore group. You can actually hear the New York in the background. Totally influenced by New York hardcore and it shows. If you know these guys, you know they are for real! and That goes for all three of these bands. Go out and check them all out, grab them on some digital download platform. Because it's worth it. And definitely go see them live. These guys also need support so go out support your local hardcore band. This is been Upstate Rick I'll talk to you guys in a week or so. And if there’s a Three Album review you want to see. Send requests to 


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