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Shit You Should Be Listening To: THE RETURN

Thursday, June 27, 2019





You know, a lot has happened in my life since I last wrote one of these articles. I got a house, I got some pets, I GREW THE FUCK UP. But, even with the craziness that is my life right now, I always think back on this article. I think about all the sick bands I have stumbled across and shared with everyone and how much I just straight up miss this shit. So I decided to bring this shit back. You ready to dive into some new fucking jams? Lets do this shit.


5. Trauma Model- The Gospel Shock


Nothing like some good, heavy fucking neanderthal shit to start off my return. Trauma Model is a relentless beatdown band out of Kingston Ontario. Everything you love about beatdown is put on a brutal display in "Gospel Shock", with the added heaviness of vocals bordering on slam/deathcore. My main draw to this band is the focus on groovy, tough as nails riffs instead of countless breakdowns strung together. They breakdowns they DO employ, though, are a punch to the gut. There are nasty bass leads, divebombs, and some pretty goddamn impressive vocals on display throughout this whole release. Heavy as a motherfucker from beginning to end.


Top Track: Unholy Altar

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4. Altona- ...And This Is Why We Are Alone


If you read my past articles, you will know that it is my firm belief that Australia can do NOTHING wrong when it comes to metal, hardcore, or any heavy music in generally. And, for some reason, the vast majority of these bands come from Perth. I swear, if I ever get the opportunity and the money I am moving there to mosh into old age happily. Altona is no exception to my belief. This melodic hardcore band damn near instantly grabbed me. I have a soft spot for this style of hardcore. The frantic pace of each song, made even more frantic with the vocalists screams and yells that just up the urgency that bleeds out from the music. The mix of flowing, melodic guitar leads slammed right up against more traditional riffs, twosteps, and breakdowns is a beautiful mix. Reminiscent of the days of melodic hardcore's prime, this release will grab the attention of anyone who is already a fan of the genre, and bring in new fans.


Top Track: October Sun

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3. Iron Rule- Cold and Cruel EP


It warms my cold fucking heart to hear a band this fresh dropping heat like this. Iron Rule, from Riverside, California, are dropping what sounds like is going to be one of my favorite heavy hardcore releases this year so far. Chunky as hell two steps and some absolutely menacing riffs are this bands specialty. This music just sounds fucking dangerous in the best damn way possible. They are playing their first show THIS FUCKING WEEKEND at Characters Pomona. If you live in the area, get familiar with this shit, show up, go batshit crazy and punch your fucking friends. Cold and Cruel drops 7/4/2019. Get on it.


Top Track: Reaper

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2. Greed- Belial/Infest


I fucking love this trend of newer bands bringing back metallic hardcore. Not fucking metalcore. Metallic. Hardcore. Abrasive, aggressive, unrelenting and just pure fucking angry. This is the best way I could describe the overall sound of Greed, from Leeds, UK. These guys are everything you could possibly want from a metallic hardcore band. Full blast, gravel-filled vocals are met with some of the toughest riffs I have heard in quite a while. I ended up replaying these two songs over and over and over again. This shit will pound you into the ground and leave you asking for more than two goddamn tracks. Give. Me. More.


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1. High Alert- What You Buried


Lets end this list on a fucking high note. What You Buried by High Alert, from Detroit, is a goddamn ass beater of a release. I damn near broke my fucking neck listening to this. The riffs in this release hit hard as hell and are complemented with some insanely punchy and catchy twosteps and breakdowns that hit you like a brick fucking wall. "Sent Below" is basically the reason I fucking love hardcore summed up in one song. Just the guitar tone alone from this band makes me want to punch any and everything in my near vicinity. I don't want to sound like every trendy asshole, but this shit slaps HARD. This is going in my heavy daily rotation and it should be in yours too. 


Top Track: Sent Below

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