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SHORT FUSE 59 / KALFOU Split (Review)

Thursday, June 20, 2019



1. An Introduction - SF59

2. Stepping over Shattered Faces - SF59

3. Forever Hated (ft. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher) - SF59

4. Hell Hounds - Kalfou

5. Midnight - Kalfou

Cover Art by Edgar Barcenas at Perpetuity Designs


In case you've been living under a rock for the past year or so, Short Fuse 59 and Kalfou both burst onto the scene last year with both releasing their debut EP's that were among my favorite releases of last year. I must say this split takes it to the next level.


The opening track/intro sets the tone of the Short Fuse side of this split perfectly;. I'd love to tell you what it is but I think the suspense of not giving it away and letting you hear it for yourself will be well worth it. Although short Fuse's sound has matured since their EP, it definitely still has that gritty, raw, violent, and in your face energy that made me love this band in the first place. Lyrically there is nothing sugar coated about front-man/vocalist Ryan Wilson's words and let me say they're not for the cowardly.


Stand Out Track:

Forever Hated featuring Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher


On The Flip side Kalfou offers a different blend of hardcore, which I find refreshing on a split. Although still heavy as hell Kalfou's tracks 'Hell Hound' and 'Midnight' are definitely on the darker side. Combining elements of heavy hardcore/Beatdown breakdowns and double bass drum assaults with dark lyrical content makes Kalfou appealing to fans of bands like Varials, Xibalba and everything in between.

Vocalist Donovan Perez paints a  dark gloomy vivid picture with his lyrics that will make you dear death.


Stand Out Track:

Hell Hounds


Although super heavy, Short Fuse and Kalfou play different styles of hardcore that make for an awesome split. They're sounds compliment each other well and these new faces of Colorado hardcore definitely leave you wanting more.


The Short Fuse 59/Kalfou split will be available on all streaming platforms June 27th.






ShortFuse is:

Ryan - Vocals 

Christian - Guitar 

Jaymes - Guitar 

Niko - Bass

Patrick - Drums


Kalfou is:

Vocals: Donovan Perez
Bass: Josh Madaris
Drums: Joseph Johnson
Guitar: Brandon Benoit
Guitar: Tyler Boyce



Short Fuse 59


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