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Thursday, June 20, 2019


Album review

Band - Hate The Adversary 

Album/Ep - Slaughter for a profit

Genre - Thrash/Hardcore

Self produced at RQR studios


Nick - Vocals

Steve - Bass

Kevin - Guitars

Mike - Guitars

John - Drums


So I'm online one day and my buddy Steve from Hate the Adversary tells me he's going to send me a copy of their demo. I’m like,  cool man can't wait to hear it. A week goes by it arrives in the mail after a mistake made by the post office. Another day goes by and I finally put it in. HOLY FUCK!


My ears melted and my heart jumped out of my chest with joy and total exuberance. What a crazy thrash/hardcore album this is. I mean it took me way back, the vocal stylings, the guitar riffs, the breakdowns, The melodies! It was everything I hoped it could be and more. Hats off to Steve and the boys upState. You guys are bringing that s*** hard man.

For something self-produced self written and recorded in one day. The production value is off the charts. Super impressed with this release. When you see Steve at a show make sure you ask him for a copy. So worth it! 

Rating - 8/10

SOT- God Complex



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