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WWU Chats: Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher (Interview)

Saturday, May 25, 2019



Bodysnatcher is a  punishing deathcore band from Melbourne Florida that has been consistently blowing up the past year and with their most recent release "Death Of Me // Deluxe" there's no question why. These dude's have been grinding from day one and it's really cool to see how far they've come and I'm really eager to see what their next move is. I was able to chat with their vocalist, Kyle Medina for a little while to try and gain some insight on the band for the readers:

WWU: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, can you explain to our readers that may be unfamiliar, who’s behind Bodysnatcher and what does everyone play? 

Kyle: Hey! Thanks for having me, So my name is Kyle, I've been in the band since the inception, I do vocals. We are a bit of a frankenstien band and have members from some other bands. Kyle Shope plays the bass, he is Ex- Float Face Down. Chris Whited, our drummer is Ex- King Conquer. And our guitar player Kyle Carter, is Ex- Beacons!

WWU: You guys just got off of a tour with Lorna Shore, Enterprise Earth, and Within Destruction. How was that? How was the crowd energy every night?

Kyle: Dude. That tour was insane. We had toured with Lorna before but goddamn, every time we tour with them its a good time. The shows were packed everynight, some sold out, and the energy was definitely there, lots of moshing and shit while we played and we of course like that since we try to be as aggressive as possible! That and Denny’s with Within Destruction every night was a blast hahahaha.

 WWU: Do you have any funny stories from that tour that you could share with our readers?

Kyle: Nothing really wacky this time around, which is odd considering usually funny shit usually happens every tour! BUT Bryce Butler (ex -Faceless, Abigail Williams) was driving/ teching for Within Destruction, and that is the funniest person on the planet.

WWU: You guys got picked up by Stay Sick Recordings and released “Death Of Me” and then  released a deluxe version of it  with them. How has your experience with them been?

Kyle: Dude! Real talk. They treat us fucking great and the team behind Stay Sick is awesome. Those guys push us hard, always make sure we have what we need, and Mike Milford is the man. Couldn’t ask for a better treatment.

WWU: What’s your favorite song off of that release? What’s your favorite to play live?

Kyle: Oof. Id probably say Ego Killer just because I like that breakdown at the end a lot LMAO. Makes me want to smash people.

WWU:If you could hand pick your next tour, what bands would you bring with you?

Kyle: Good question. Id probably wanna do Spawn Of Disgust, Broadmoor, or Great American Ghost. All of those bands rule.

WWU: What are the band’s plans for the future?

Kyle: Just gonna keep tryna grow and grow!

WWU: Who are the band’s biggest influences?

Kyle: I'd say we have a few but definitely a lot of influence is drawn from the aggressive pissed off deathcore of yesteryear yanno? Bands like King Conquer, Suffokate, Float Face Down. But at the same time also be modern with bands like Kublai Kahn and The Acacia Strain!

WWU: If you could offer any advice to younger up and coming bands what would it be?

Kyle: Sell yourself as a product. Remember to take yourself seriously, if you don’t, other people won’t either.


WWU: What’s your all time favorite band? What are your current favorite local bands?

Kyle: My all time favorite band? Shit, id probably say Elysia, or Abacabb! But I love a lot of old deathcore, so its a bit wide haha.
And as far as current favorite locals? Pretty much all the Florida Locals, a lot of the bands native to our state are impressive. Shout out to No Convictions, Two Piece, Entombed In The Abyss, Noose, Broadmoor, Weeping Wound, and Serosa!

WWU: What’s your favorite (active) Florida band?

Kyle: Probably Two Piece. That band makes me want to Smash people immediately. Them and Broadmoor, very heavy.

WWU: so we’ve been seeing videos all of these crazy mosh calls you’ve been doing, what's your favorite that you’ve used so far?

Kyle: LMAO. I come up with that stuff literally two lines before that part comes up. I liked “ Act Like its Mortal Kombat! Who’s Liu Kang!” At the glass house in Pomona! Hahahaha.

WWU: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Kyle: Just that we appreciate the hell out of anyone who supports us or listens at all. It really does mean the world. Not only to me, but the dudes involved in the van. Its like giving them a second chance at this touring band thing. Im just stoked on the whole thing. New music soon as well, and its more pissed and even heavier! 
Thanks for having me!

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