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NO MERCY: Only God Forgives (Review)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019



Not to long ago we featured No Mercy on our blog when they dropped a single that exploded within scene's around Philly. Today the new Philadelphia Hardcore-Beatdown product has dropped 5 more Bombs with their EP titled Only God Forgives . We loved it so much on the first run, we figured we'd give it a well deserved rundown. Here is the track list:

Portae Infernum 

Purification Through Pain 

Reign of Misery 

Sacrificial Agony (Ft. Charlie of Grievance)

 Only God Forgives 

Let's start at the beginning here, I love the way this EP open's up. This intro track alone gives you the full taste of what's to come. Upbeat thrashy hardcore leading into a much heavier vibe, then again an even heavier one. Showcasing their style with out even saying a word yet. Purification Through Pain is a pure DIME. Meshing death metal influences with hardcore-beatdown. After bashing your face in, The song opens up to the best 2 step, and from there the song is a complete venue demolisher. I don't want to go through each track, I want to leave some surprises for the listener. However, I will say there are some very tasteful experimental parts, mixing genres you may not have seen coming. Overall making this album a true GEM. Each track brings you into a new world. Songs like 445 are what more heavier bands need, to breakup their releases a bit. That song speaks a million words about this band and in my opinion separates them from what some people call "Cookie Cutter" Beatdown. Every song brings something different while keeping an overall style about them. Easily one of my favorite newer bands coming out of the east coast after this album. 

photo cred: Jennifer Carminati Photography

Bottom line: This EP is everything you want out of heavy music. It's fun to listen to, and you get the sense their live shows are even more fun. Must buy for anyone that like's metal infused hardcore on any level. I think this EP crosses lines with so many genre's, that it's an easy listen for anyone into heavy aggressive music. 
Standout track: I'm only saying 445 for the reasons previously stated, but Purification Through Pain is a 100% Certified Ass Beater. 
Rating: 10/10 (oh shit Dakota finally gave a perfect score) 

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