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Dead Blow Hammer hits the nail on the head!

Sunday, May 12, 2019


Album Review by -Upstate Rick

Album -. No repercussions?

Band - Dead Blow Hammer

Genre - Hardcore/Thrash

Label - Caterina records/Tuskeny recordings

Produced by - Macarthur Soundworks


  The first thing and just about the only thing I was thinking about listening to this for the first time was I need to hear this again. The second thing was these guys are influenced by everything I love. And I'm being serious. Almost every song as a matter of fact goes through several genres. Starting off with some kind of thrash guitar with some angry ass drums. And then you're in the middle of a Motorhead like verse that jumps right into a hardcore breakdown. Thoroughly impressed. And I could swear I heard the influence of Bane as well.

 Like most mid-to-late 40 year olds who are still involved in this underground music thing. Some of my original listening pleasures were and are mid 80s thrash bands. Some people called it speed metal. The aggression behind the guitar riffs is what captivated me. This was captured beautifully on this release. On top of that there's a distinct Motorhead undertone throughout this entire album. And why wouldn't there be. That band has influenced every band that I listen to today just about. It was a pleasant surprise but not unexpected from this group filled with hardcore juggernauts.



A.G. on vox,

Rob Kabula on bass,

Gary Yosco on guitar,

Carlos Diaz on guitar, 

Christian Koresh on drums.  


Bottom Line: This Album gets me all amped n shit!


  It was a pleasure to listen to this several times. It deserved that before I wrote one word. So captivating so aggressive so hardcore. Good job fellas.


Rating - 8/10

Stand out track - Caught me a virus   


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