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Annotations of an Autopsy: New Music Video "TOO WEAK TO FUCK WITH ME"

Saturday, May 11, 2019


 This is the latest from the from the UK deathcore legends AOAA, press release stuff below!

EP: World of Sludge Releases: May 31, 2019

Genre: Deathcore / Death Metal

Location: Norwich, United Kingdom



Lyrics: I know why you hide in the darkness Praying nobody finds you You lack conviction. gutless coward too weak to fuck with me Now you’re fucked I’ll drag you from the darkness And show the world what you really are A spineless shell of a man, soaking in envy Because he’s failed at everything in life Scared Lil boy barking like a big dog Too weak to fuck with me I smell the fear even when you’re not near too weak to fuck with me No god no master no martyr Just a child scared in the darkness Dumb cunt acting like a big man Too weak to fuck with me Broken bones torn flesh Stomping teeth on concrete You’ll be known as a joke Until your last heartbeat No pain or punishment is worse Then being branded with that curse Does it burn? When the light of the truth Touched your skin ? It must have crushed your ego Now everyone knows what’s within You’re a fucking coward I know exactly what you are You don’t fool me Coward Die slow As slow as you can So I can laugh for longer At the pile of shit That lays before me And you now you weep While the world laughs Suffer (suffer because of me) Because of me Fall down ( fall down on the ground) For all to see It’s easy to make god bleed When the man pretending to be him Is a fucking pussy I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times boy Drop the act, face the facts You’re too weak to fuck with me You’re too weak Too weak to fuck with me Scenes of violence Play out in my head But I’ll leave you breathing Crying in the darkness I’m in control You’re fucking worthless You will always be Too weak to fuck with me



11/5 - Alberts - Nottingham

12/5 - Star & Garter - Manchester

17/5 - Roadmender - Northampton

18/5 - New Cross Inn - London

19/5 - Record Junkee - Sheffield

26/5 - Crofters Rights - Bristol

27/5 - Joiners - Southampton


UK/EU Bookings: - Maarten at Loud Noise

US Bookings: - Joey at Artery Global

Management: - Toyan at Scarim Management

AOAA is: Vocals - Steve Regan Drums - Neil Hayward Guitar - Sean Mason Guitar - Al Commons Bass - Nath Applegate

Directed by Tom J Cronin Recorded by Sean Mason at Newman Studios Mixed and Mastered by Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings

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