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Buried Above Ground: Caught Stealing Artwork for Merch

Sunday, April 28, 2019




There are few bands really close to my heart that you just shouldn't fuck with. One of them being The Banner. Today it has been brought to light that the band Buried Above Ground, clearly jacked the iconic Wolf imagery originally used by The Banner. Joey Stone, Front man from The banner / Artist, has created all of his bands art himself. You may have seen his work used by many other bands (with permission). For this audience we'll say :Lorna Shore. Hell, I have a symbol tatted on my finger that came from that man's noggin. He has a very dark style and that wolf is one of the center pieces for his band. Anyway, a shirt was spotted on the merch table of Buried Above Ground during a tour date with Whitechapel and others of the Chaos & Carnage tour. 


The shirt was then shown to Joey from The banner. There was no denying that it was The Banner's wolf compared to a "Googled vector wolf" as the band played it off to be. DJ of Buried Above Ground, reached out to Joey in a very apologetic manner, saying  "Our printer made the design for us, He got it from a vector image website" . Joey was still confused how the wolf was on any other "Site" besides his own bands but was understanding enough to remove the post where he calls the band out. Since then the band said they would remove the shirt from sale. That's where things get awkward. The printer then reaches out to Joey making it clear they do not make designs for bands. Even showing the Email of which the band sent the design to him for printing. Obviously, this was bullshit. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!

-  a conversation of DJ  has surfaced where DJ pawned the blame off on JOEY! basically saying it was all his fault and joey apologized to him + took down the call out post. Which you can see how that unfolded in the screen shots below for him.. 

- The Banner are not the only one's. Buried Above Ground have also stolen another merch design from someone else. Since this has been brought to light, many are digging and finding even more stolen art  sold as B.A.G. Merch. (skip to last screenshots below) 

Here's how it all went down: 
"Here's a funny little story. Last week a good friend saw that the band, Buried Above Ground, who he was playing with that day was selling merch with the Wolf head logo of The Banner. You probably know that has been our main logo for more than quite some time.Anyway i was quite pissed and I made some posts about what exactly this little shit was doing. He contacted me and apologized profusely, saying the print shop he ordered the shirts from had supplied the art. Being a man of peace I said, "ok, just stop selling them and we're good" he said ok and even agreed to commission a new design from me, fucking great.Fast forward to yesterday, the owner of the print shop contacted me and apologized profusely and explained that it had in fact been DJ from the band @buriedaboveground who had supplied the art they had stolen, and then he provided multiple screen caps of emails and texts where DJ Gunnarson had sent the art. He also posted screenshots of a conversation where the owner of the print shop contacted DJ about the situation where DJ bold faced lied and said I had uploaded the artwork to a vector art website (obviously i fucking hadn't and never would have) and more or less that I had apologized i took down the post after 2 hours and then called me a pussy.As you can probably guess I'm a little miffed about the whole situation, especially after he basically threw an honest working guy under the bus to cover his own ass and then acted like I took my posts down because I somehow felt responsible? I dont even really know what he thought the whole thing is insane.Anyway if anyone goes to any of these shows to support Whitechapel, Fallujah and Spite you absolutely should. But if you happen to see the band Buried above ground keep an eye out for the shirts with my art on it, if you do help yourself to a free tshirt.Love,-Joey Feel free to share or repost or whatever.." - Joey Stone 


 This is the Merch using The banners artwork

 DJ (BAG) Reaching out to Joey:


The Printer that DJ blamed for taking the design, wanted to reach out and get the record straight:



A Conversation with DJ, where he lies about the situation once again, and calls Joey a pussy for being nice and taking the post down:


 Seems like the band's strategy to tackle sick merch sales is the same route they take with creating their music, another example of merch theft below:

Do what you want with all this info, I have never heard of Buried Above Ground and was surprised a band with a decent following would take advantage of other's work so thoughtlessly. Fans from all over the place are flocking their social accounts as we speak so don't be surprised when more artists discover they have been copied. Check out Joey Stone's band the banner, Their 2014 album is timeless. He does a lot of art stuff, if your band is in need of some designs or imagery. He also has a comic book series if your into that kind of thing as well. 

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