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Exclusive: LeechMonger - We Must Escape (WI Deathcore)

Saturday, April 20, 2019


 LeechMonger is a heavy deathcore band from Kenosha, WI. Since it's 4/20, roll one up and jam the fuck out! We have 3 hard hitting tracks for you today! Each track delivers a gut slashing dose of pure heavy. The vocals were laid down in a nostalgic way, which hits home for me. Overall the writing is excellent, Each song punches you in the face in their own way while keeping a very familiar style. My favorite track off this release has to be Laverna, The intro is sick, the vocalist goes in, absolute banger. That track alone has everything you want out of a deathcore song. Bottom line, I love old deathcore, i'm not much for the new high-tech stuff. This release is a good balance of both worlds and I am absolutely in love with it. Check out the video below, followed by a quick chat with Noel from the band, and of course support these boys!  



Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about the release, Who is behind Leechmonger and what does everyone play?

“Thank you for premiering us! LeechMonger is Noel Harding, Kyle Schulz and Dustin Livingston. We all write the songs, Noel and Kyle record all the instruments and Dustin lays down those sick vocals you hear!”

What are some of this album’s biggest Influences?

“We tried to take the essentials from our first EP, kept all the good stuff and threw away the rest for something more. It’s faster, more aggressive music than our former release.”

What are the plans for the rest of 2019?

“We’re already busy writing our debut full-length album, ‘Darkness Divine.’ We’re hoping to finish up writing and get a good chunk of recording done for a 2020 release!”

Any other band’s in your local area, that we should keep an eye on?

“Yes absolutely, the locals here are massive! We got PORTALS from the South end of us, they just released a new EP, ‘Desolation,’ an absolute must-listen! Up north we have Bad Lads, they’re working on new music but their ‘Stampede’ EP is some of the best music from Milwaukee.”

Last word, goes to you, please tell us everything you want us to know about Leechmonger:

“We hope you all enjoy this release! We really wanted to get this out there for you guys. We have some awesome physical preorders coming out 4/21 on our Bandcamp, check them out if you got time! We love you all and thank you for the time!”

The Release is Available on all Major Platforms, You can also grab it from Bandcamp.

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