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Shitty band's benefit unites scene

Thursday, April 4, 2019

If you are in the hardcore music scene. Then benefits are more than a part of your life. I myself have been to over a dozen different types of benefits. People are sick benefits, I'm having surgery benefits, my dog needs a kidney benefits, smash cancer benefits and the list goes on.

It is a normal occurrence. And usually if the cause is righteous people show up and give support.   

 It is the way we live. It is what we do, it is how we support each other. So one night at a random venue in a random City. I see a flyer for a benefit show. Complete with one of the most brutal local lineups in the music scene. Then I read the title. help save Bessie our tour van. She needs repairs or we are stuck in your city.  

  I looked around and there were hundreds of people. Now I have seen this band in the past and to say that they were musically challenged would be putting it lightly. Yet the hundreds of people in attendance we're trying to tell me otherwise. I saw a young woman walking by. A local scene goer. So I tap her on the shoulder and asked her. Do all these people really like this band?

  The look on her face told it all. With disgust in her voice she said yuck hell no. We just want them to get the hell out of our town. And there it is folks. Unity in the scene. I have nothing more to say.



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