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Sworn Enemy puts out Gamechanger and Changes the game!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Album review-Upstate Rick

Band- Sworn Enemy

Album- GameChanger

Label- M Audio Studio

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 Do you want fast guitars? Do you want in your face screaming lyrics that you feel in your gut? Do you want drums that smack you in the face and you feel in your soul? Do you want base that thumps and grooves and makes you want to dance in the pit? Then look no further.

Sworn enemy has dropped their new album Gamchanger. And boy does the name fit. The maturity and evolution of this band is obvious and apparent in their delivery.

Well-known veterans of the New York hardcore scene. Sworn enemy does not disappoint with this one. Sal screams into the mic like somebody slapped his favorite pet right in his face. The intensity and love for the genre you hear in his voice is apparent.

And then there's the music. Jeff, Mike Matt and Taykwan. completely assault your eardrums with the force of the Roman army marching on its next conquest. With deliberate intention and murderous Riffs, they gang up on your eardrums like a pack of hyenas. Gnawing at your rhythm section that is registered in your brain until you can't hold it in any longer and must get up and move to the music. I myself literally put my doc martens on listening to this just because I was feeling it like that.. I didn't even realize it until after.

 Vicious guitar riffs. Thundurus base. Dominating drums. And was that a mariachi type guitar intro I heard? These boys are taking it to the next level.

I was thrilled to receive it and even more thrilled to listen to it. Thank you boys. This made my day. a definite thumbs up and I recommend this for any hardcore fan. But if you are a hardcore fan then you definitely know Sworn Enemy and the boys. And know what they can bring. Cheers boys, good shit!



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