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Man moves out of mother's basement after selling band t-shirt collection.

Sunday, March 24, 2019


Just about everybody in the local hardcore underground music scene knows Tommy. He has been around for 30 years. Until a week ago people would say,” hell he still lives in his mother's basement apartment.” Working at a local record store for barely above minimum wage. The one thing about Tommy was. He had the coolest shirts.

  “There would always be a crowd around him”. Said one concert-goer.” Checking out what shirt he was wearing. It was a whole thing. Everybody loved it. It was always something rare and hardly ever seen. “

  One day after arguing with his mother about what he does. Tommy decided to take matters into his own hands. He gathered up about 300 rare t-shirts. Posted them online and watched the money come in.  Before he knew it Tommy had amassed over $200,000. And he still had a whole attic full of t-shirts.

One day his mother went downstairs to see why it was so quiet and found an empty basement. When interviewed by the press the mother was dumbfounded. She had no idea where her son had gone or where he could have possibly gotten the money to go anywhere. She continually called him a “lazy Stoner who listens to heavy music and did nothing with his life.”

  I guess The joke is on You Mom. When asked if he missed his old life Tommy just laughed and lit a blunt.




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