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Friday, March 22, 2019


 One of Arizona's freshest hardcore bands Pointbreak just dropped their EP tiled Forsaken. Last year, they dropped a bomb on the world in form of a single. This EP carries that punky hardcore vibe their S/T music video showcased mixed with heavier, more metal roots. They do a good job transitioning into this heavier side as the first 2 songs aren't as heavy as the last 2. It's like they are slowly adding more and more metal elements as the release plays out.


First up is Prisoner Mind Feat. Travis of This Is Hell, This song is a very in your face, up-beat hardcore song and i love every second of it. Martin's vocals are undeniable, I could listen to him yell all day. I love the way the feature comes in too, just a well crafted hxc track as expected from their original releases.


Walking Away's the second track and opens up with a sick retro hardcore 2 step. As much as I love this song and the vibe it presents.. There's a riff thrown into it that drives me nuts. It's this weird hammer-on/pull off type thing that's just offsetting and feels "throw in there", instantly giving me a Filller track vibe. However, this song does showcase elements that originally made me fall in love with the band in the first place. Maybe it sounds better live..

Track 3, Where I Lay My Head, This is where they dive intro a more thrashy side of things. Literally, Dive-bomb galore. It's cool cause they had an older rooted hardcore punk sound and now they dip into older rooted thrash metal. This song is fast, crunchy, and of course in your face. The Sample after martins ending yell was super tasteful while transitioning into my top track off the EP.


Closing All Doors Featuring Kurt of Back To Life. This song is a perfect blend of their first very first single and this new thrashier sound on this EP. Lyrical it's all about the struggle of depression and anxiety, something most of us listening to this kind of music for a release, can relate to.

Bottom Line: Overall this release kicks ass, You don't have to take my word for it. Listen to it, front to back and watch your head move, and feel your legs wanting to 2 step. They bring a whole new level of retro influences with them this time and they worked it with their original sound very well. They can attract fans from all over the core spectrum with the different elements they have pieced together. 

Standout Track: Closing All Doors 
Rating: 8.5/10
You can watch the lyric video for Closing all Doors below, and Download their EP 'FORSAKEN'  here!
It's also streaming on all major digital outlets. 


We are proud to present to you the exclusive lyrics video for Closing All Door by Pointbreak! Make sure to support these dudes and follow the links below! 

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