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Sunday, March 17, 2019

 We apologize for the delay but sometimes life gets in the way. So, with that said, here's some more shit to bang your head to.



Chicago, Illinois- Death Metal/Hardcore/Crust Punk/Thrash

Mindloss is straight bonkers. The 4-piece band hailing from Chicago combine influences from old school death metal as well as hardcore and punk to make up their hybrid grindcore sound. Combined with some cope samples, make their debut EP Virulent Hymns a truly interesting listen.


Climate Of Fear

UK- Metallic Hardcore

Absolutely love this band. Featuring Desolated (RIP) front man Paul on vocals. Climate of Fear's sound  is definitely a change of pace and more on the metal side than the beatdown that was Desolated. Which Is cool because it really shows Paul's range as vocalist.The Onset Of Eternal Darkness is the full length follow up to their 2018 debut EP Holy Terror. Both are available via DEMONS RUN AMOK ENTERTAINMENT.


Cue Ball

Akron, Ohio- Hardcore Punk

Hailing from my hometown Akron Ohio, Rubber City hardcore outfit Cue Ball delivers some straight up in your face heavy-hitting hardcore punk. With a solid EP under their belt the band recently released their 2019 Promo that will make you want to punch your friends in the face!



Kill On Sight

Cantonment, Singapore - Beatdown Hardcore

 Brutal ass insanely heavy slamming beatdown  straight out of Singapore! One of the most promising demos I've heard in 2019 so far. Chugging riffs, violent breakdowns, pissed off lyrics, equipped with the occasional pig squeal. What's not like?



Raise Your Shield

Arras, France - Beatdown Hardcore

Don't sleep on France when it comes to hardcore. There's been a lot of good french hardcore bands popping up lately and Raise Your Shield is one of them. The bands sound is shaped by five members all influenced by different genres such as Thrash/Crossover, Slamming Beatdown, Neo-Metal. With powerful riffs and breakdowns, Raise Your Shield’s songs are about political abuses, human mistakes and everything that it’s wrong with our world today.


Circle of Caïna

Pittsburgh, PA - Metallic Hardcore/Metalcore


Pittsburgh is home to many of my favorite hardcore bands as well as the majority of my family. So I'm stoked anytime I can show love to the Steel City. Circle of Caïna formed back in 2017 featuring members of infamous Pittsburgh bands Steel City Firm and End Of Humanity. The band released their debut full length Turn The Soil in the summer of 2017 and now are back with a new single titled  'Ego Te Patrem'




Harrisburg,PA - Nu-Beatdown


I stumbled upon this bands bandcamp and  I was instantly hooked. They recently dropped their debut EP East Bound Beatdown and it's an absolute banger! You could call them beatdown, slam, deathcore, or Nu-Beatdown. I'll  just call them straight up heavy and angry. True PA Hate. 




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