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Monday, March 4, 2019

 Another week full of new releases, bangers from all over the spectrum. From the heavy to pop punk, all ready for your ears to jam the fuck out. Here's another list of SHIT YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO! 


Preston, UK -Metallic Hardcore
This band has sadly broken up but ended on this release as a final note, AND WHAT A BANGER. This is just bare bones hardcore, heavy, angry, with riffs for days. This is a MUST listen for any hardcore fan.


Denver, Colorado - Beatdown Hardcore
Empty caskets brings a gut wrenching brutal vibe of Beatdown hardcore. Just listen to the opening track and you'll be hooked. HEAVY is an understatement.


The Heart Monitors
Rotterdam, Netherlands - Hardcore Punk
They just dropped an Ep titled Good Friends, Bad Habits and it is a refreshingly root punk release that you should not miss out on. Move to Mars and Remember are my top 2  tracks.


Chicago/Des Plaines IL - Melodic/Post Hardcore
This band is super energetic and just released a monster EP, upon first listen I knew I was hooked. Instant Fan. Anyone that likes melodic hardcore will love this release.

 Virtue Of Lions
New Jersey - Metalcore
These guys are multi-era Metalcore, They mix several nostalgic flavors with some experimental elements. This track is one of their more up-beat songs, make no mistake it will still tear venues to shreds. look out for these guys, this is just the beginning.




Of Brighter Skies
Wisconsin - Pop punk
Pop Punk done right, These guys just dropped this amazingly fun song and video that suits the genre to perfection. I instantly found love for this band, if you like pop punk, you will too!​




Miserable By Nature
New Jersey - Hardcore/Death Metal
This band brings hardcore grooves mixed with heavy death metal and slam elements. Non-Stop Mosh. This is one brutal release and yet another band to keep your eyes open for this coming year.


New York - Hardcore/Metalcore
These boys need no introduction, They just dropped this bomb in music video form for their new single SELFISH and it is the definition of shit you should be listening to. Don't sleep on this release, and make sure to hit up the next show near you! they are constantly on the road.



Muscle Shoals, Alabama - Hardcore

Hailing from Muscle Shoals, Flagbearer's Dirty South style of hardcore, proves that Alabama has more to offer than just football and NASCAR. Let me tell me tell you punk motherfuckers, this shit ain't for the weak of heart. With an absolute banger EP and a split (with Bridge Burner) under their belt the band's debut full length is set to hit streets later this year via Upstate Records.




Life's Ill

Sydney, Australia - Hardcore/metalcore

It's been nearly two years since Western Sydney hardcore band, LIFE'S ILL ,has released new tunes. Clocking in at just under 7 minutes, the bands new EP What God Wouldn't Tell You  is and absolute scorcher!


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