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Beat you down Brooklyn style

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Band: Apparition

Genre: Hardcore/metalcore

City: Brooklyn, NY

Members: Miss Mayhem voxJay shine drums Dusty Onita BassG Flava Guitar Dimas Mendez guitar

In a scene that is seemingly overrun with male bravado ego and testosterone. How refreshing it was to hear apparition. With Marlo taking the wheels she drives this band right into your face. Gut wrenching screams followed by an angelic singing voice the Front-woman let's you know she's all business. Brooklyn does it again! The music itself is what I like to call the evolution of hardcore. It takes you on a fantastic ride of heavy. Brutal introductions leading into masterful guitar work. Many layers are involved in the production of this hardcore album.A very Metal guitar riff will be followed by the slow sludge of a brutal break down. The transitions are mesmerizing. The Album itself screams Brooklyn! Screams underground. Screams originality. A tremendous effort.

Bottom Line:
Brutality, musicianship, sludge, vocally layered and just a heavy, killer album. Get out in the Brooklyn area and check them out live. ENERGY!!!!!A THUMBS UP from this old timer.

Rating: 7.5/10

Standout track: The light inside





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