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Virtue Of Lions: Blood In The Water (New Jersey Metalcore)

Tuesday, February 26, 2019



Virtue Of Lions
Blood In The Water Out Now!

The EP starts off with guitar feedback making some truly alien-numetal type background noises. This intro is tone setting with out a doubt, Leaving me on a dark and twisted note for the true opener of the release. When the second song rings in, their aggressive style of Metalcore takes full form. This song is a roller coaster of genre influences. If you were really into the mid 2000's Metalcore scene, you just landed yourself a new favorite band. The first song crushes you and ends with the weird noises from the intro, truly shaping the entire opening of the EP. The next song has nostalgic Metalcore written all over it. I got a Norma jean vibe that I truly enjoyed. I love how they mix the elements everyone loves and misses with a new modern experimental twist. The next track is Get Out is one of my favorites. Simply put, absolutely BANGER. From post hardcore to Beatdown, how the fuck can you not fall in love with that combo. The song ends on a more familiar note compared to songs before it. Those weird background noises are definitely a staple, they make it clear without over using it which is a huge positive for me. It doesn't sound gimmicky and molds most tracks to perfection. Musically The whole album reeks of talent and smart talent to say the least. The way they write is genius. They take all the best pieces from older and modern music, and mash it all together beautifully. The EP ends on a very chaotic note, which is was the only note i expected.

Bottom Line: You will love this album if you give it a full swing.

Don't sleep, must buy for Metalcore lovers. 
Overall: 9.5/10 
Standout track: Get Out 
 (Soon to be on Most streaming platforms!)

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