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Mosh For Paws is Not Dead! 2019 Fest (Arizona)

Saturday, February 9, 2019


One of my favorite people to cover here at WWU is Kevin of Mosh for Paws. He is well known in the north east (Jersey) for putting together amazing shows for an even better cause. Mosh for Paws is an non-profit organization that puts on killer shows matched with pre-show pet adoption/ animal meet and greets that benefit local animal shelters. In 2018 Mosh for Paws had its last show, so we thought. Kevin has recently moved from North Jersey to Phoenix, Arizona and he has decided to bring MFP with him! Arizona has an amazing hardcore scene so it's going to be a match made in heaven. Kevin has reached out to inform us that the fest will be revived this year in Phoenix. He usually holds this event in september, so if you live in or around the area, keep and eye out for this one! 

More about MFP:
Established in 2011 within the New Jersey hardcore/punk scene. Mosh for Paws gained a name throughout the hardcore community by raising awareness against animal cruelty. Throwing benefit shows to help raise money for non-kill shelters, setting up pet adoptions outside of shows, and selling merch and giving the proceedings to local shelters. This is a NON-PROFIT organization, ran by one person who encourages a whole scene to be apart of. Animal abuse is not alright.Stand against something. Support and raise awareness.

 Get ready Arizona, Support Mosh For Paws!


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