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Racist Exposed? Morgan of Revenge Season

Friday, February 8, 2019



Vocalist Morgan Rutledge(Revenge Season) accused of hate speech and racism. Hardcore for many is a community which is very welcoming. No matter who you are it's a community of people who are all like-minded. It came to light after a couple messages submitted to us that vocalist Morgan Rutledge of Revenge Season is being accused of using such slurs that definitely fall under the category of hate speech. Below are the screenshots that were submitted to WWU. It’s very hard to look past this as it is very straight forward. We urge the music community to stand together as this is not tolerated. Rumors are quickly circulating that the band is done, broken up. Below are the cringy screenshots, its 2019 people, lets fucking grow up already. 

Update: Band was kicked off Tour with New Jersey's Old Wounds; they said they "Don't tolerate that shit". The band has also been removed from the LDB fest. Morgan has been reported to be blaming someone else for the messages and that "She was not at her phone", Reported by Lambgoat. 

Update: Some people believe "context" is not being considered, as well as the accuser having a motive to fake this. Due to being kicked out of the band for similar reasons. The leading argument is though it's a "Racial Slur" she did not direct it in a racial manner. If what was said, is or is not racist or makes someone out be a racist, is arguable and completely up to you. The best argument in her defense is that this was faked, though her comment on the original post seemed un-buyable. The accuser (Dakota Johnson)  was outed for similar accusations so the motive is definitely there. There has been no statement from the band publicly that we are aware of. We added a screenshot of the only reply that is circulating of Morgan replying to Dakota originally. We will update further if the band speaks out about the matter. 

MAJOR UPDATE: Morgan speaks out about accusations, admitting there is no context to justify what was said, the band is done, and ultimately apologizes Click here for full response.




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