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Thursday, February 7, 2019

 Another week, another editor. If this is your first time catching one of these articles, SYSBLT (Shit you should be listening to) is a weekly article that includes 10 bands from the underground music world. We like to focus on those who have fresh music out, or in the works. This week we have Bryan Grantz up to bat and he's got a monsterous list for y'all! 


XForgiveness DeniedX 

Massachusetts Straightedge

There is no shortage of hardcore bands that come out of Massachusetts, but XForgiveness DeniedX makes this list that much more memorable. Growing up, I loved bands such as XrepresentX, Recon, and XAFBX. In this day and age those sounds bring back a extreme sense of nostalgia, which seem to have left a void for that style. Fronted by former Before I Had Wings vocalist Chris Wojnicki, XFDX is here to bring back and create memories with a fresh new spin and style. These songs consist of straight edge anthems and a sense of genuine passion which could easily be heard throughout their debut EP. Take a listen to this EP as they have a heavily anticipated full length coming out this year. Put on your gym shorts and fitted hats because this is going to take you back to the golden era of hardcore mosh!


Pittsburgh, PA - Beatdown Hardcore

Facewreck is currently one of my favorite bands. Coming out of Pennsylvania, they do not disappoint, definitely putting on for their state. Vocalist AJ Worrell carries a signature style that could be compared to Rick Ta Life. Facewreck combines a refreshing mix of hardcore and beatdown which is guaranteed to have you swinging in the pit or your car, or whatever location you would be at the moment. Their lyrics and videos are more light hearted which I really enjoy. You could tell they genuinely have fun and enjoy playing the style of music which I could appreciate. There is no games or gimmicks with Facewreck, just what seems to be old fashioned hardcore and a good time!


Street Soldier

England, UK- Brutal Beatdown Hardcore

Street Soldier from the UK is a special kind of band, if not one of a kind. Vocalist Scotty Hall spits over beatdowns in a grime, hip hop influenced style. Speaking out against racism and bullies, their message is as strong as Scotty. It reminds me of Biohazard mixed with the legendary Bulldoze and, at times, Hatebreed. If you are looking for something fresh, give them a listen!



Huddersfield, UK- Heavy Hardcore

Exemption is also a band from the UK. This band has been quiet in the States but I believe that will be changing soon! Exemption is a talented metal band with lots of hardcore influence, comparable to bands like Malevolence. I suggest everyone gives them a listen. I promise you will not be disappointed! 

I was lucky enough to catch them in Newcastle last year, and I could say they were one of the best bands I’ve seen live!


Full Contact

Leicester, UK- Beatdown Hardcore

Full Contact is a traditional beatdown band also based out in the UK. There is no shortage of beatdown bands in this time period, but I can promise you this is one that is swinging for the fences. They are in your face and straight to the point. If you are having a bad day, let out some steam, blast these guys at 12, and let the destruction happen!


Fresno, California -Hardcore/Metalcore/Rapcore

Fresno based FAROOQ made my earlier bands you should be listening to list. Every time I listen to these guys I ask myself the question, "Why have I not been listening? Heavy metalcore music to perfection guitarist Phillip Camacho and vocalist Daniel Dominguez make a match made in heaven for fans of intense heavy music!



Psycho Enhancer

Long Island, NY- Heavy Hardcore

Psycho Enhancer is hands down the most underrated band in beatdown music period. They have been around for many years and have never changed or followed trends. The underdogs of beatdown music every release heavier than the last they have nothing to prove. With lyrics about partying to handling your shit it can easily be relatable to anyone. If you are looking for music to get pumped for a fight or just to have some fun in the pit Psycho Enhancer should be your anthem.  Adding on to the list of great New York bands they won’t be stopped and I can’t see them easing up anytime soon.


Black Mass

Chicago Heights, ILL -Metallic Hardcore

Black Mass from Chicago Illinois is another beatdown band that people should really take attention to. I must say they have one mission and goal and that’s to have the whole room moshing. Nonstop beatdowns and slow downtuned breakdowns it’s guaranteed to have you punch a hole in the wall for no apparent reason. Vocalist Adiliene Gonzalez brings a very aggressive edge as she is one of the best in the game this moment. Spitting truthful words from the street and telling it how it is she does not disappoint!



Albuquerque, New Mexico- Death Metal/ Hardcore/ Doom

Voidgasm is another project from well known song writer Cameron Mcbride (Methwitch,Bleach Wave,12xtitans,(B)rid3). Voidgasm is a brilliant mix of death metal with doom influence. If you are looking to spark up a joint and head-bang on a long care ride or in the middle of the pit this is a band for you!



Cold Times

Las Piedras, Puerto Rico- Hardcore

Cold Times is a traditional hardcore band based out of Puerto Rico. It’s no secret that they are on a mission to put their hometown on the map. One of the best shows I’ve seen and some of the most genuine people playing music for the passion. The perfect mix between traditional hardcore and metallic hardcore they will find themselves in every playlist you making no matter what mood you are in!


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