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PEER PRESSURE: Hardcore For Everyone (Quebec City Hardcore)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


 (photo credit: Michael Landry)


2019 is already awesome, Finding PEER PRESSURE is already a highlight of mine. As any hardcore listener, I am a huge fan of HCWW Youtube channel which is where I found this gem of a band. The title I went with for this write-up is "Hardcore for Everyone", it's based off the cycle of genres this  band shoves down your throat in their newest music video for "Hypocrite". Elements of this song alone include, Post hardcore, Modern hardcore, Thrash, and bit of the heavier stuff. They have no problem throwing different influences into the mix. The song starts off with an almost pop punky-post hardcore style quickly blended into a thrashier hardcore standard. There is one riff that stands out at this point, where the guitarist does this awesome mini-shred off of the riff being played. That riff alone brings the song to a heavier depth and it's the little things that make me fall in love. Upon first listening I had no idea where this band was going to go next, then Vocalist Victoria Mladenovski comes into the picture and sets the tone loud and clear. This is a fucking hardcore band. The song is a Grade-A jam overall, I highly recommend it to anyone that simply loves hardcore music. You will be seeing a lot more about this band in the near future, till then check out their video below and make sure to support the links that follow! 

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(They also have music available on Spotify) 

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