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Down to This: 10 yr Discography (Review)

Friday, January 4, 2019


Down to This 10 yr Discography, As I accepted the offer to review this CD. I actually had to pause and do a little bit of research on the band. There have been so many lineup changes over the years and a few breaks in between that I wasn't sure that I could give it its due attention. Not having heard of them until recently. My knowledge of the North Carolina hardcore scene is limited at best. I do have friends who reside in that area and I get the usual, dude they're amazing live. Or the yeah I used to go see them back in the day. Yet as I pressed play, the first guitar riff caught my attention with a fury. Definitely New York influenced. The hard aggressive riffs with the occasional melodic Oi sing along chants, had me feeling right at home. I am not going to bore you with a song by song breakdown. I will say this. Collectively it is a well recorded hardcore album. I found myself doing all the usual things. Tapping my toes. Banging my head. feeling the groove tucked away underneath the heavy guitar riffs. I even found myself wanting to sing along during the Oi chants. North Carolina is definitely well represented in this hardcore venture. Being 10 years old and having never really heard of this band. I have to say it was refreshing to see the reach of New York hardcore representing the southern States. Pre-order here!

Bottom Line:The vocals are hard. The riffs are intense. The bass grooves intentionally. And the breakdowns and sing along chants are a reminder of my youth. I recommend this to all serious New York hardcore fans.
Standout Track: Track 4 'Cold Blood'
Rating: 8/10 

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