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Dead Crew is Killing the NYHC Rap Scene

Monday, January 14, 2019

 Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the world of New York hardcore underground rap. With acts such as Necro, Danny Diablo and Jedi mind tricks just to name a few. It is an overlooked genre of music in my opinion. And when it is done right. You make that ugly face as you're bobbing your head. You know what I'm talkin about.



  Enter Dead Crew. Recently joining the Ill Rock soldiers, if you don't know you better ask somebody. Coming from Brooklyn NY, they are kicking the door in on the scene. I mean this album is that foggy dimly-lit night, put your hoodie on, put your boots on, throw that ugly face on and go out on a mission type shyt. Jerry Ex leads the assault. Setting a lyrical tone that stands by itself.

Bottom Line: Tony Enz and Tommy Ghost round out the crew with a swarm like melee of brutal Underground hip hop. The bass hits you in the chest like a punch from the biggest bully in your middle school. If you are a fan of the genre. And let me tell you I am. This is a most definite must have.

Rating- 9/10

Standout Track: Cali Bud



Band : Dead Crew

Members : Jerry ex , Tony Enz , Tommy ghost ,

Label : ILL ROC records

Recorded at : redroom studios in dumont NJ

Engineered by : Scott " artichoke" orsini and diggy ILL ROC

Mixed and mastered  by : Scott & diggy

Produced by : Jerry ex and Diggy

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