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Brick by Brick - Hive Mentality (Review)

Friday, December 21, 2018

Brick by Brick. Mention them at any hardcore show and people will give you the same response. Those guys are brutal. And so is this album. Hive mentality is a 105 mph fastball right down the plate. It's fast, it's heavy, it's loud and it's brutally angry. It is everything I would expect from this Albany based upstate hardcore/metalcore band. As soon as the first stroke of the pic hits the strings on Mike Valente's lead guitar, you know you are in for one hell of a ride. Track after track. Not only do you get sucked in by the thrash like guitar work, you are hypnotized at times by Andy Parsons bass play, the newest member to the Brick by Brick family. And boy does he not disappoint. Jameson "Jamo the barbarian" maintains his always aggressive non stop assault upon the drum kit. I can literally hear him sweating as the snare snaps to the beat. Add Ray Mazzola's voice to the mix and it's a perfect combination for a bar brawling soundtrack. But all you hardcore kids out there don't you worry. That hardcore groove is tucked inside the rhythm of this band and you couldn't rip it out with power tools. I find myself wanting to dance to this album so very badly.


Bottom Line: The statement "These guys love what they do" is a total understatement. This album was obviously very well produced. It sounds above and beyond anything they have put out before this. Crystal clear and loud. To say I highly recommend this album to all you heavy heads out there would be a given. A must-have.

Standout Track: Bar is Open

Rating 9/10

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