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The Godfathers of Hardcore: Documentary (Review)

Thursday, December 13, 2018


The Godfathers of hardcore. And seriously, could you really call this movie anything else? Following two of the original scene creators Rodger & Vinnie through a brief part of their journey as Agnostic Front. Touching on the past and looking to the Future this movie really tells us their story. So powerful, so moving, so emotional. It just touched every part of me. It had me from the first scene, just captivated. I had meatballs in some sauce on the stove top and forgot all about them watching this and they burned.


This film brought me back to the beginning. When I went to my first hardcore show in 1988. Agnostic Front of course were already the Kings. I actually met Rodger and Vinny briefly at a show for another band before I even saw Agnostic Front live. But that's the beauty of our scene. I can't tell you 30 + years later how many other bands that has happened to me with. We are all one scene. We fight them. I thought that was one of the best things I've heard in a long time.


Director Ian McFarland and his vision for this film is just completely impressive. The amount of old footage and the way he implemented the past to tell the story of the band now and where they are going was genius. Of course I have the opinion of a fan. Not only am I a fan but I actually know a lot of the people in this film. It was definitely cool, interesting and fun to see friends of mine on the big screen. Telling their side of a story that, us as fans are very familiar with. I actually caught myself during this film with my eyes closed picturing Agnostic Front shows I have been to in the past. Encounters with Vinny and Roger. If you are a hardcore music fan. Then this movie is not only a must-see but one for the collection. Excellent job 2 thumbs up.
Rating- 9.5/10

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