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Ghost B.C.: Prequelle (Review)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018



Let me start out by saying that this band and in particular this album has had a lot of buzz online lately. It was about 75/25 people who hated it versus people who liked it. Of course I had to give it a listen and add my two cents. The first thing I had to do, within the first 30 seconds of listening to this album was check my calendar for the year. The synthesizer and xylophone chimes in the background indicated a late 80s early 90s almost industrial sound but with a more commercial feel. I will tell you one thing. judging from the logo alone you would think a much heavier assault of guitar riffs would invade my eardrums. Yet this was not the case. No matter how hard I tried to give it a biased listen, the keyboards kept interrupting my listening. I do understand that this band is from Sweden and they may have a different outlook on what is a listenable genre. yet the artwork and the logo suggest something demonic and sludgy. How very disappointed was I. But as hard as I try and as many words as I attempt to put on it, I cannot figure out what genre of music this is. It is not heavy it is not soft it is not industrial it is not synthesized drivel. It is something in between. The amount of musical talent is obvious yet not portrayed to its fullest potential in my humble opinion. This (Prequel) being their 4th release.

Bottom Line: There must be a market for this type of music somewhere. Yet I am finding it hard to translate it into anything American or even listenable. I do try and give artists the benefit of the doubt and try and really see where they are coming from. But for the life of me I cannot figure this out. Hopefully without disrespecting anybody, I will have to give this a thumbs down. One listen proved to be way too much for these ears.

Standout track: the one second of dead air before every song


Google it. 

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