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Premiere: Down To This - Lionshare (Official Music Video)

Thursday, December 13, 2018


I once had a home-made CD with this band's name written on it. So when 1054 Records hit me up for a Down To This release, it was a bit nostalgic for me. Unfortunately that was all I've known of this band is a song or 2 on a mixtape that was handed to me at a show in Philly about a decade ago. However they formed in 2008 in North Carolina to bring a bare-bones style of hardcore back to their scene. Though they hit some rough patches along the way, They are still standing and plan to release a fully remastered 10 year discography in early 2019 via 1054 Records. We had a sneak at the album and we definitely had some words one it, Coming at a later date. Today, We bring you their new music video for LIONSHARE! Check out this hard hitting song below followed by a quick chat with one of the members! 


We had a quick chat with Vocalist John Carter about the band, Release, Future, and local scene of North Carolina. 
Thanks for your time John, could you please tell our readers a little about Down To This?


Carter on vocals, Nibroc on bass, Casey Wagner on drums and Jaron Gaudet on guitar.
John Noel was our original bassist and has been back in the band for a couple years now. He left for a while due to an inability to click with some ex members on some things. Long boring story. Casey an old friend from our local scene, came on board with DOWN TO THIS about a year ago when our project with him, John, our friend Tom and I came to an end due to high demand for DOWN TO THIS to be a thing again. We took a bit of a hiatus because we could not find the right guitarist for what we wanted to do with DOWN TO THIS. I was playing guitar and our friend Tom was on vocals. Well the music we were doing in that band rapidly evolved from hardcore punk to punkish hardcore and people were referring to us as the new DOWN TO THIS so we said fuck it and became the new DOWN TO THIS. After a few shows in this new incarnation of DTT, people started to compare Tom to me and it just got weird. We blew it off at first but it became more than obvious that he was not the right guy. We are still friends and support each other because we are grown ups and not children. Around the time of this revelation we were planning on adding our friend Jaron from HARD LESSON and SPIRIT OF YOUTH out of Minneapolis as second guitarist. Well frankly we looked at the situation and decided that I would go back to vocals and Jaron would be the primary guitarist. We have never been happier !
The name DOWN TO THIS came out of the blue when I was trying to think of a band name that would describe a band that is a culmination of past experiences leading up to a do or die situation. This band has outlasted so many bands in the scene and carried on regardless of who bails out on it haha.
Me and our original guitarist had a conversation about how this band was going to be the last serious band we wanted to do ... ever. We had been in numerous bands over the years and we felt that this would be what we would want to do musically no matter what. Its crazy how true that has been for me but I wish I could say the same for past members. To me hardcore is a culture and a lifestyle but to some past members they saw it as a gateway to rock stardom. They are not here anymore and are doing nothing so ... yeah haha. Also what's crazy about DTT is every side project I have done over the past 10 years has been swallowed up and digested by DTT like some sort of demonic beast so I'm gonna ride on its back and let it possess me because clearly I have no choice haha.


What are the key influences for DTT? And what originally attracted you to Hardcore music?

Mainly Terror, Madball, Hatebreed, Sick Of It All, Blood For Blood, Agnostic Front, Wisdom In Chains and Death Before Dishonor.
We love catchy stuff that sticks in your head instantly and anthems that are timeless so that's what we try to do and we shamelessly take all of that from the above mentioned bands. I saw Agnostic Front back im 1991 with Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation. I was there for Obituary but seeing AF in contrast to the other bands I picked up on an energy, vibe and culture that was what I had been looking for. It just stuck with me 28 years later haha.


I’ve read the band has played with many top tier bands as far as hardcore and Metal go, is there any shows to look forward to in the future?

All shows. We are all about going off hard as shit and giving everyone there, even if it's just the bartender and the other bands, our full attack. We don't need a crowd of thousands or even anyone to like us to do what we do 110%. Honestly I give zero fucks about who we play with. Opening big shows has never resulted in getting "discovered" and playing with scene big shots has never progressed us socially so as long as we are allowed to go on stage, we look forward to it. DTT is its own universe. We have so many awesome friends in the scene but we don't rely on anyone or kiss any ass to get anywhere. Maybe that's our handicap but we don't care. People who like us and support us are genuinely into us and not because of an obligation for scene points. Our supporters are amazing.


Can you tell us about the video’s song, Lionshare?

It's a straight up statement that anyone can relate to or should adhere to.
"Ain't fuckin' around, I gotta go for mine, with all due respect don't waste my time. I put too much in not to get shit back. I'm in the red I wanna live in the black.
I got a long way to go. 
But I feel like I'm already there.
I gotta go for what I know.
I want the Lionshare" 
Don't fuck around. Get what you worked hard for, what you deserve and don't let anyone take it away or waste your time because you are better than that. Realize that every goal achieved should be a higher step in a positive progression always until you die.


Is there any new music in store after the 10 year discography?

Yeah we are writing stuff for a new e.p.


I’m not too familiar with NC bands, anyone else from your scene worth mentioning?

Corrosion Of Conformity, Valient Thorr, Zodiac Panthers, Toke, Paid In Full, Raw Hex, Demon Eye, Joy, Funeral Chic, XhonorX, Gautama, The Stygian Complex, Bastard Brigade, Scowl Brow, Salvacion, Thunderlip, American Americans, Giant Robot Army, Soft Pants, Good Good Grief, Few Good Things, Datura, Summoned, Thirteenth, Incident, End Of Your Rope, Violent Life Violent Death, Circle Back(SC), ...sorry if I forgot anyone. So many legit NC bands of all genres.


From being in a band for a full decade, is there any advice or “words of wisdom” you could offer new bands, just starting out?

Yeah don't count on anybody to "hook you up" . It's all about the work you put in, networking and not being a dick. Understand what genre and scene you belong to or gravitates toward you and cater to that group because they definitely will support you if you are grateful to them. Don't try to please everybody and do what you want. Only worry about those who like what you are doing and fuck those who don't. 


Again, we appreciate your time! We always end our quick chat by giving you the last word! Is there anything else you want our readers to know about Down To This?

I guess check out our video, go grab our discography cd from 1054 Records and Upstate Records and feel free to hit us up and tell us what you think of our video and what sonds from the cd you want to hear live and or see a new video from. HUGE shout out to Peter Worrall from 1054 Records, Mario Cangemi from Upstate Records and Ranier Van Loon for being amazing dudes in all of this and to Justin Oakley for doing our videos.
Fuck The World. Rise Or Rot !!!!

Follow The band and Label for more updates on the 10th anniversary discog that will be dropping next month! or You can pre-order now!

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