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Rōnin 浪人: No Gods, No Master, Only Rōnin (Review)

Thursday, December 6, 2018


So I have to copy and paste this band name, that's a new one for me but I am here to tell you a little bit about this band called Rōnin 浪人 from Madrid, Spain! 
This is not my normal type of music I seek while browsing through submitted content however something about this album just captures your attention. Some melodic Hardcore/Metalcore mixed with hints of Hiphop and ambiance. Not every day that I can call the music I review "Beautiful", fuck it! This shit is pretty as fuck! The music from track to track just paints a beautiful image. Lyricially No Gods, No Master, Only Rōnin is a very emotional rollercoaster. Many struggles from one song to another, very relatable from multiple perspectives. I can see a very diverse crowd falling in love with this band, has a lot of nostalgia from a better post-hardcore era mixed within this album. You can tell a lot of thought and effort went into this album as a whole and is worth every second of your time. Guitar's are super ambient at times, almost brings you into a trance. Vocally almost sounds like an older BMTH stye with range and patterns, which I think a lost fan base will definitely appreciate. But, for a "FFO" definitely more in the Ghost Inside, Converge category.

Bottom Line: If you are into Ambient Metal and Melodic Hardcore/Metalcore This album is a MUST for the collection. If you are just into one or the other, This band is worth a try! 
Standout Track: Harakiri 
Rating 9/10

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