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Premiere: Empire - 'My Empire' (Official Music Video)

Friday, November 30, 2018




Empire is a 5 piece Heavy-Heavy Hardcore band repping Boston,MA. They have just recently gave us their latest music video to share with you all. It's awesome and includes some funny clips showcasing the fun of making music and all that goes with it. They released a killer album this past june and it's 8 tracks of pure madness. Mixing Hardcore with Death Metal Influences is always my cup of tea, and add in some beatdown and you have what they call "From Ash" which in my own worlds is a fucking monster of an album. More on the album at another time, it is due for a proper review! Today we bring you their brand new music video for "My Empire" Directed by Nick Court of Killing It Entertainment.

Empire - My Empire 

We had a little chat with Guitarist Jason about this release:
Thanks for taking the time Jason, tell us a little about Empire and the background of The band?

Thank you! We really appreciate what you do. Myself and the guys in the band are all in our late 20s/ early 30s and just wanted to play heavy music again. I Started writing some stuff in an attic with one other person and slowly pieced it together. I was able to reconnect with old friends who happen to be great musicians and they really believed in what I had going. Without them this band probably wouldn’t have gotten off the ground or be as refined as it is. I think the band has been a gift we have all given each other. For me personally I was in a hard place when I formed it and the outlet and new found friendship has really done a lot for me and I really love and respect those guys more than they know. I think together we have accomplished a lot so far that we didn’t expect for a part time band. We’ve played some really good shows at some venues we’ve wanted to play,Did a release with Eulogy Recordings and got some decent exposure, and then getting love from a site like Worldwide Underground is really cool.

Could you tell us more about the song ‘My Empire’ and how the music video came about?


My Empire is an important song because it was the first song we wrote as a full lineup to finish off our first EP that premiered on Slam Worldwide about 2 years ago. It obviously is influenced by the band’s name which was chosen because of us all coming together and sort of rebuilding, making music we wanted to make, starting from scratch again in the scene and also building our lives as men. It’s sort of a call to rise up. The song itself is a take no prisoners type approach and hashes out a lot of emotions in the “You’re for me or against me” mentality. The kind of thing where you see people come and go and sort through that deep dark shit.


What would you say are the biggest Influences for the band as a whole?


Our biggest influence musically is definitely late 90’s to early 2000’s Metal and Hardcore, but we also listen to all the new school stuff. For me personally The first bands I was super taken back by were Hatebreed, Caliban, Dying Fetus, Embrace The End and The Acacia Strain. Each of those bands came out with what I thought were unique styles within the heavy music genre while I was in my teens, and they led me to discover even more underground bands and expand. Currently I am jamming Ingested, Queensway, Harms way, Analepsy, and Orthodox as my Top 5. Jared, the second guitarist is really into Downswing and stuff like that and Our Drummer likes stuff like Wage War and faster metal. Our Singer, Taz, falls the Blood has Been Shed, Hatebreed area, but he loves Thy art is Murder and Spite and our Newest addition on Bass, John, is into Hardcore and Metal similar to us and def brings more bounce to the mix. I would also say that for most people our age Slipknot was a huge gateway band.


Any touring plans for 2019 our readers should be aware about?


It could be a possibility. At this point anything is up for discussion, but we are going at our own pace and having fun. You will Hopefully see us in NY,NJ and CT at some point. Our goal is to do what makes sense with our family life and careers and to respect each other’s take on how far we should go but still push what we think that is by looking at all options whether they are doable at the time or not.


Any new material brewing in the Empire camp?


Yes 100%. You should see our best stuff coming from us in the Spring. We have some live footage on our page of a song we just finished if anyone would like to get an idea.


Once again, I thank you for your time! We really love this release and can not wait to see what else you guys have in store! Do you have any last words for our readers?


Thank You and yes I do. Bands, Make sure you Support each other. Playing shows with bands rooting for other bands is awesome. Also to everyone who helped people see our name , gave us feedback or helped us get a listen. Thank you. Some Standouts that need to be mentioned are: Ryan Stack (Noise Floor) Slam Worldwide NH Booking Just Plain Filthy Vanishing Point Booking Eulogy Recordings And of course Worldwide Underground!!!

'From Ash' (including this song) is available on most streaming and digital music outlets, and you can follow the band on facebook for more updates!  


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