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REVIEW: Abortion Survivor - Back Alley Demo

Monday, November 26, 2018



If you've been looking for some filthy, garage-band-sounding glimpses into modern metal music then do we have a treat for you. Philadelphia's own Abortion Survivor made their debut in August with the Back Alley Demo. This band has proven their potential and lived up to the name of the demo with this small collection of songs.


"EATR" starts us off with a very grimy, garage band take on modern metal genres and subgenres that keeps the listener intrigued while doing a wonderful job at debuting their overall sound. "Murderous Rampage" charges in at full blast with a very distinct heavy/death metal sound that this band seems to pull off very well. Without the heavier comedic influence in the music, this song is almost reminiscent of GWAR and Gnarkill in an instrumental and vocal pattern component. This brief demo is brought to an end with "Riddled With STD's and if you haven't been paying attention to their drummer for the first two songs, this one has you covered because it sounds like those sticks are just flying around the drum set for most of the song. This is the perfect way to close out this abrupt auditory journey.





Abortion Survivor should be on your radar for the soul purpose of the potential in their music. Some people prefer a very clean and refined sound, some may like their music to sound like a true underground and DIY project, and this is definitely for the latter category. But the fact that you can tell how much fun this is to the creators of the music just by hearing it in the way they present themselves, that just makes it so much more enjoyable and that is why you should be paying attention.


RATING - 7.5/10


STANDOUT TRACK - "Riddled With STD's"





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