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Habitual: Japan's Underground Metalcore Gem (The Alive Review)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Habitual is a Metalcore band from Okinawa, Japan. I have been a fan of this band since they first hit us up with their lyric video for their song Rise. We uploaded the video which i'll admit was a low budget DIY lyric video and a lot of people slept on it. Their fuckin' loss though, this band rules. They just put out their 3 song demo titled "The Awake", and it features a lot of different styles of metalcore and hardcore all done masterfully. The first song "Rise", has a 2 step that will last forever in your head. You will be yelling "RISE!" in yourself tomorrow at work if you listen to it right now.  The second track is titled "Symmetrical Movement" which showcases a more "Djent-y" intro and heavy sides of the band. Lots of Lows over mids in the vocal category which you dont really hear much of anymore. There is a mellotic twist to this song which will have any scene kid from the mid 00's falling in love with. That is one thing i love most about this band is the Nostalgic vibes of era's of metalcore that seemed to be lost in time. This is why they are my Gem hidden in Japan that deserves some love. Lastly, their song "Stone Cold Stunner" which is easily one of my favorites among the last two tracks. The name is an easy sell but the track is just like Ole' Steve Austin. It's a very aggressive  and unpredictable. It leaves the release on a good inspiring note. 

Bottom Line: This is a 10 minutes demo that is worth every second of your time. Support this band AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE. 
Standout Track: Symmetrical Movement, It showcases the full potential of the band. Though, Stone Cold Stunner and Rise are both up there. 
Rating: 7.5/10 




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