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Artist Spotlight: Who is Cameron Mcbride?

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


I’m here to answer one question which everyone should know the answer to. Who is Cameron Mcbride? Cameron Mcbride is a 27 year old musician born in Newton, New Jersey, who now resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


What makes him such an interesting musician is his elite talent through a wide variety of music. I first heard of him in 2014 when I discovered his band Methwitch. Methwitch is a chaotic metal band which I fell in love with since the first song I heard. The aggressive guitars and dominant vocals are what really drew me in. I ended up doing some research on the band, and found out it was one person who wrote and recorded everything. I was in absolute shock after finding that out because this band is not simplistic by any means.


Through the years I kept up with Cameron Mcbride because he intrigued me. Each music project he would release would be very different than the next. I was astonished on how talented and diverse he was. I’m going to describe some of his work so everyone can get a better idea. Methwitch first premiered in 2014. A chaotic metal band that is second heavier to none. It’s very fast while presenting in your face heavy breakdowns. Cameron’s guitar riffs, bass lines, drums, samples, and insane vocals were something that could be appreciated from a fellow musician of any genre. Some have a hard time picking up one instrument while he is master of many. What makes it even more impressive is on top of him writing all of Methwitch as a one man band, he actually records all of it himself for all of his projects. Next he plays guitar in a straight edge band called 12xtitans. This band is another product of complete originality. The best way I could describe it is if Bury Your Dead and Rage Against The Machine had a love child. This band presents very groovy riffs with tons of fun guitar effects to make a sound that has not been done before, with a very tasteful mix of hardcore and metalcore. When I thought I heard it all from Cams metal side, in 2017 he released music from his new band Voidgasm, one of my favorite projects to come out in 2017.  Although he is straight edge, if you didn’t know him you would assume he finished off some joints before writing this project. It’s like he could do no wrong. This project combines genres like stoner metal, doom metal, and death metal with a touch of aggressive hardcore.







Now these two are the ones that really get me. Cameron released two projects by the name of Dakota Mourning and (B)RID3. These projects showcase other talents that were not imaginable while listening to his metal projects. Dakota Mourning is a pop punk project which he wrote all the music for as well as vocals. (B)RID3 is a pop project which he wrote all the music for and did vocals. Both of these projects are insanely well structured with catchy choruses and music that would make you want to dance. It’s incredible how well rounded one person could be. If you put any of these projects side by side, you would have no clue they were the same person. 


I had a chance to talk to Cameron to get to know him a little better. Here are some questions he was awesome enough to answer:







Bryan: What age did you pick up your first musical instrument?


Cameron: I got my first guitar for my 13th birthday. 


Bryan: What are a list of all the instruments you play?


Cameron: I play guitar, bass, keys, drums, ukulele, and I do vocals (singing and screaming).


Bryan: What inspired you to become a musician?


Cameron: Nothing super particular, but I guess there were a couple things that planted the seed. When I was a baby, my parents used to play the movie Wayne’s World for me on repeat because I loved it so much. It’s still my favorite movie haha. Also, when I was little my brother used to show me a bunch of punk bands and stuff. After that I kind of just fell in love with music and wanted to make my own. 


Bryan: Do you have any classical or formal learning of music, or are you self taught?


Cameron: I just recently started going to vocal coaching for my singing, but other than that I’m pretty much self taught. 


Bryan: How old were you when you started recording and how did that begin? Do you record all of your own music?


Cameron: I’ve been recording my own music since I was like 15 or 16. I used to use free recording programs with like a wack ass headset mic and a practice guitar amp to record, just to get ideas down. It was on some kvlt shit haha. I didn’t really get serious about getting decent recording gear and stuff until 2012 or 2013. For all of my current projects, I record and mix all of my/our stuff. 





Bryan: Do you remember the moment that you fell in love with music if so what inspired you?


Cameron: I’ve loved music since I was little...but as far as playing metal goes, there were two standout moments for me. The first was hearing Slipknot’s self titled album for the first time. I was maybe 11 or 12 and my friend showed me one day after we got done skating. I had never heard anything that pissed and chaotic before, and I instantly got hooked. The other was in 2005 when I saw As I Lay Dying’s music video for Through Struggle on Headbangers Ball on MTV. I fell in love with those riffs. Shadows Are Security is basically the album that got my riffing chops up. I don’t really support that band now after the incident with their vocalist, but their first few albums will always have a special place with me.


Bryan: What is your ultimate goal as a musician?


Cameron: For my heavy projects, I just want to create art that is unique and real. I don’t really expect anything in return. With my more mainstream songwriting, I’m trying to shoot as high as possible. It would be so sick to have a chart topper or to have a song in a huge commercial or movie. It would also be crazy to co-write or ghost write for a huge artist like Katy Perry or The Weeknd or something. The sky is the limit! 


Bryan: You have quite the resume of music you have released. What is your favorite genre to play and write?


Cameron: It kind of depends on what mood I’m in. At the moment I’m having a lot of fun with my band Voidgasm. Just some straight up old school, Swedish sounding death metal mixed with doom. When you have that hm-2 chainsaw guitar tone, the riffs just come out! 


Bryan: Methwitch is a special type of band and is very impressive that it is a one man band. Can you tell us how that began and the process of writing and recording as a solo artist.


Cameron: I was going through a really shitty time in my life and I needed an outlet. I grew up in an extremely religious household (my dad is basically a cult leader) and I was heavily brainwashed for most of my life. The year I started Methwitch was the year I started coming to terms with the fact that I had basically dedicated my whole life to a lie. Not only did I abandon my faith, but I had to own up to the fact that I had treated a lot of people like trash because of my beliefs. I pretty much had to rebuild myself mentally from the ground up and it was super hard. A lot of depression and anxiety came with that...but Methwitch gave me a way to get all of that negative energy out. I had no intention of building a fan base or anything. I just wanted to put out some art for myself. It’s crazy to think that a bunch of people ended up liking it. 

As far as writing goes, it kind of varies per song. A lot of times I’ll just jam some riffs out and program some rough drums under it. Then I’ll go back and tweak and structure later. After I have the guitars and drums done I’ll go in and add all of the creepy textures like ironing boards and shit haha. I always track my vocals last. Sometimes I’ll add some last minute textures after vocals, but that’s about it. 


Bryan: I can see you are a inspiration to many and a artist that intrigue many. Do you have any advice for up and coming artists, or artists that just picked up a instrument?


Cameron: Just keep practicing. You’re most likely going to sound like shit for a while, but that’s just the way it goes. If you stick to it and put the work in, you’ll improve. So don’t get discouraged right away. Also, write what you would want to hear. Regardless of what you write, there will be people that don’t like your music. So just write what you like and make yourself happy.


Bryan: I’ve also learned that you are straight edge. How long have you been edge and do you feel like that has played a role in your productivity?


Cameron: I never really got into drinking or smoking, but I officially started claiming edge in 2007.  I wouldn’t say that I’m any more productive than someone who’s not edge, since different things work for different people. I play in a stoner band and I feel like we’re pretty productive as a whole haha. I just prefer to have a clear mindset and that’s what works for me. 


Bryan: Due to you playing so many kinds of genres I have to ask this question. In no specific order what are your top 10 favorite artist?


Cameron: That’s a tough one...


Cannibal Corpse

Marilyn Manson

Ion Dissonance

The Maine

Metro Station

The Cure

Third Eye Blind

The Early November 

Armor For Sleep


Bryan: I really appreciate the time Cameron, and it was my pleasure talking to you. I really enjoy the music you play and hope we receive much more of it! Any last words you would like to tell your fans out there or bands you would like to shout out that you enjoy?


Cameron: Thank you to everyone out there supporting what I do! It’s crazy to think that there are people all over the world supporting my DIY art, and I seriously appreciate that! Shout out to Slam Worldwide for always promoting my heavy projects. Also shout out to Know//Suffer from El Paso. They’re the homies, and they’re going to drop some heat soon. Lastly, I’m ready for that Love Lost EP!




In conclusion most musicians have a get up, gimmick, or personality they possess which helps them get over with fans. Cameron’s only gimmick is that he’s a amazing musician. He is one of the most modest people I have ever talked to as he carries himself as a professional with great knowledge and talent. Below you can find links to his band pages and three music videos to showcase how well versed he is. Be careful how much you dig into, because you might become addicted to his work and how much music he has. I’m going to leave everyone with this question moving forward to ask friends after this discovery. Instead of "Who is Cameron McBride?", it should be "Why don’t you know who Cameron Mcbride is!?"


Links to all of Cameron's bands:


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