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Crushing The Deceiver: Q. & A. / LJE

Tuesday, November 20, 2018





Hailing from Clovis California, Crushing The Deceiver is a thrash metal band with a positive message. Greetings vocalist Grant Mohler of Crushing The Deceiver. Thank you for taking the time out for conducting this interview/ Q. and A.  I look forward to getting to know both you and your band.


1.     The first thing I would like to address is the band name. Crushing The Deceiver is such a grabbing name, do you mind explaining?


I’m actually the one that came up with the name of the band. I wanted it to be out of the Bible. I kinda stumbled on in. The verse from Romans 16:20 says “soon the God of grace will crush Satan under his feet”. I interpreted that into Crushing The Deceiver.


2.     After listening to Crushing The Deceiver I immediately was drawn by the heaviness in the music.  If you had a way to describe your sound, how would you describe it?


I would say our sound is kind of a hybrid of several sub genres of metal. I would say we are a thrash band, but have some aspects of death metal and metalcore.


3.     You all seem to be playing together as one unit. Very tight and full. How long have you all been playing together?


The current lineup for the band has only been together for about three months.


4.     Can you enlighten us on the band formation?


Johnny Rios (guitarist) came to me and asked if I wanted to jam sometime. I said yes and the rest is history. 


5.     I see you describe your band as “Metal with a positive message”, Can you explain that a little further?


We don’t want to be the typical blood and guts and curse words the whole time. There’s enough negativity in the world without adding to it. We want to give people an escape from that and want to leave the feeling good, not stressed out.


6.     For fans that may not identify with a specific belief or religion do you think your band still speaks to them musically? For me personally, I enjoyed your overall sound and the feeling of a positive message that wasn’t really forced but instead warmed the spirit. 


First off thanks for saying you still enjoyed it musically. I think any fan of extreme music would still enjoy our band. It’s still super heavy and you can bang your head to it and sing along. 


7.     What are some of your influences?


I’m old school, I love a lot of thrash and early death metal and heavy metal. I’d definitely say bands like Testament, Sepultura, Death, Internal Bleeding, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Dehumanized, I can go on forever. Hahaha


8.     Are you writing right now? If so, how is the writing process coming along? 


We are currently writing for our second full length. It’s coming across very nicely. We are finishing up the first track currently and have five others we are working on simultaneously. 


9.     Are you recording right now? If so, how is the recording process coming along? 


We aren’t currently recording, but we are writing and plan on recording very soon as we piece together each song.



10.  Have you been, or do you plan to go on tour?


I actually own a restaurant and I’m married, a couple of the other guys are also married and one of them has two kids. We would love to do like a few week long tours, but nothing crazy. We do have quite a bit of weekend shows coming up, though.


11.  Where do you see Crushing The Deceiver a year from now? 


I see us gigging a lot more and putting out more albums. We all love where we have gone so far with this band and want to see where we can go and grow it into (hopefully) a household name as far as metal is concerned.


12.  Where can people find your music?


We released our first album with Roxx Records so you can find it there or on Christian Metal Distro. It’s also available for download on all digital platforms. You can buy the physical copies from us at a show and soon you can get it from our BandCamp that is currently being worked on.


13.  Is there anything you would like to say to the fans before you sign out? 


Thanks so much for the interview and the opportunity for people to get to know what we are all about. We hope to see some of you at some shows. Always feel free to hit us up on social media and never give up on your dreams. I’ve been playing music professionally since around 1996 and have never had this much fun doing it. Take care and God bless!



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